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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The list

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My karma is shot to shi-ate

If there is a hell I am going to the fiery depths of it. For numerous reasons that I can’t go into on here but also for being a bad person in training.

So here is a list of 10 things I am going to do to try and turn things round:

1. Thou shall not eat left over sandwiches from conferences

2. Thou shall not eat bread – as I am very intolerant and it is all kinds of bad for me. Kind of leads on nicely from number 1.

3. Thou must stick to the training plan – not be tempted by mid week drinking or pre-recorded freeview+ programmes

4. Learn how to meditate – so I am generally chilled and so I am no longer tempted to pull my ‘boyfriends’ limbs from his body and run his toothbrush round the inner rim of the toilet bowl.

5. Thou shall stop fantasising about Idris Elba. Mmmm – this one can start tomorrow as I am still thinking about last night's episode of Luther.

6. Thou shall stretch properly after runs to try and prevent further injury

7. Thou shall do a nice thing for someone that will make them happy

8. Thou shall clean the house instead of watching it crumble around me whilst I slime about on the sofa all sweaty from runs watching all the crap programmes on VIVA & E4 – including My super sweet 16, Keeping up with the Kardashians and other such mind destroying nonsense.

9. Thou shall stop being silly at work and act super professional on account of it being better for other people and also cause my PDR is coming up.

10. Thou shall lose some feckin’ weight!

Right all I need to do now is apply this. I don’t doubt for a moment this will all go horribly wrong but it is good to have lists.

Wish me luck

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