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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

It was the first training session with Paul and Mickey tonight. They made us do lots of sprinting relays. I have never run that fast before in my life. I was still one of the slower ones, but the other people probably haven't spent the last twenty years drunk, which is cheating.

Anyway, that was all fine (if being in pain and wishing you could go home is fine) and then the "fun" bit started. I don't know why it is only me who realises that exercise is not, and never will be, fun. 

 Mickey produced a rugby ball, and we had to play a team game with rules where you had to remember which way the ball was supposed to go and who was who and think ahead and use spatial awareness and planning and get into a space to catch the ball and pass it to someone else on the right team and things. So naturally I was brilliant at that and didn't spend the time trying to pretend I was invisible. In fact my only regret was that no one suggested a quick game of lacrosse afterwards.

All this running is playing havoc with my calf muscles. I bought a couple of pairs of Capri pants a few weeks ago and the intention was to look like this.

Unfortunately, my calves are now considerably bigger than they were, the trousers no longer fit round them and they gather round my knees and look like knickerbockers, which is not a great look when you are 40.

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