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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kraking on with it

I've been in Krakow for the last few days which was lovely.

It was my second holiday without alcohol. Turns out you don't actually need a G and T at the airport to put you in the holiday mood after all. Who'd have thought it?

I got the impression that people do a fair amount of drinking in Poland. 

They do, however, have alcohol-free beer in a lot of bars, or they did in the touristy areas we frequented anyway. I became quite a connoisseur of the various options -  Karmi, which is watered down black treacle and not a mistake I'll make again; Lech-Free -  probably the best name for a beer in the world; and Pzwiezxwsky (or something like that - I'm not completely fluent in Polish). 

The latter has 1% alcohol in it which is obviously not going to get me drunk and hasn't sent me anywhere near the closest gin bottle, but I'm very aware that I mustn't go down the route of thinking 'well, 1% was OK, so why not just see if I'm OK with a couple of Becks Vier or similar?' Many years of stopping and starting smoking has taught me exactly how that one would go, and I think it may be time to learn from a mistake or two. Not all of them, obviously. I don't have the time.

So, I had three blissful days off running. I like to think of it as a chance for my muscles and joints to recuperate and to build up my carbs in preparation. Others may of course think I was slobbing and stuffing my face with pizza, dumplings and cake.

I ran to Bury again yesterday morning. It's much closer to my house if you go the right way. Things went rather better than they did on my 10k run on Friday. My top tip is to take the prescribed dose of anti-depressants rather than accidentally taking double. It seems to reduce the need to stop for a bit of a doze every few feet. I try these things so you don't have to.

And it was back to Warrington for more sprinting last night. Paul and Mickey weren't there - they mentioned something  about some match this weekend. All the rest of the group seemed to know what they meant and be going to watch. Maybe I'd better Google it and at least find out what the score is before next week. I have not yet followed Sam's excellent advice of asking them whether they play Rugby League or Union, but it's nice of her to give me helpful conversational openers.

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