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Sunday, 10 July 2011

The runner smile test

Friday I had a good smug run, ran a 8km in just over 50 mins which pleased me as I haven't run it that fast in a long while (though I have ran it faster in the past). Up to didsbury and back. got a wee bit rained on in the last 1km but it was lovely and cooled me down.

There were loads of people running and I was in the mood to take the fellow runner smile test. Out of the 9 runners I smiled at 4 smiled back and I even got a couple of hello's. At least 3 dropped their heads and looked at the floor so they didn't have to take the smile test, I do that when I'm not in the mood too so I don't blame them. The other two, well they are just miserable gits.

I could forgive them if they even attempted a response but there was nothing. There have been a few times I have been smiled at and I have been pretty breathless (cause I like to speed up when there are other runners about to make it look like I am a proper runner) and I have ended up grimacing - not intentional it just because my body is investing all energy in hauling my arse around and isn't receptive to my facial requests. The end result is a pretty painful looking smile that kind of looks a little like this. People probably think I am trying to bite them or something.

Well screw them cause I don't want to be their running friends anyway! When you smile back at a runner it is a fact that they will run a little faster for the following 10 secs through some cheery sense of joy and community then they realise they really can't sustain such a speed and fall back somewhat deflated.

So next time you run or see a runner make sure you smile. And also walk in single file if there is not enough room for them to get past. Man that pi$$es me off.  'Hey! loved up couple, of course I don't mind jumping into a bramble bush and a steaming pile of dog turd so you to can continue to walk alongside each other holding hands.' fools.

All run work was soon undone by an epic drinking session which left me thoroughly ashamed of myself and resulted in me being told off by both my Mother and my boyfriend.

Apparently I am too old to be behaving in such away and I should just bloody well grow up. I think this is because I couldn't get out of bed until 5.30pm on sat. Well here's what I think to that.

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