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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Food lust

So I am not running very much (at all) at the moment, much to my disgust. I can feel my general well being slipping back into the gutter. Kath is talking about doing another mile swim at the end of August - if I didn't know better I would say she had been drinking.

I was supposed to see my Chiropractor for another bone cracking session last night. The receptionist made a boo boo and after driving for half an hour in the rush hour I was told I didn't have an appointment. And guess what, driving for that long made my hip really hurt - oh the irony. I was in a bad mood after - baaaaad mood.

My thoughts are pretty much consumed with food whilst I can't run, it is by far the most comforting thing in my life (well on even par with this little gentleman)

I have of course been using this injury break as an opportunity to stuff my pie hole as much as possible to drown out the demons. The last 10 days have included the following:

1 x Nandos - double chicken pitta with peri peri chips
An unknown quantity of cocktails
1x Large Aero bubbles bar
1x BBQ where I got the meat sweats from eating way too many sausages
1x Wagamama chicken and coconut curry with duck dumplings
2x Dixy chicken spicy deep fried tower burgers
2x Curries - one a meal in London and another a take away
1x Mexican meal - v. disappointing (silly posh London)
1x Fish and Chips (at the Ben and Jerry's Festival)
1/2 x Ben and Jerry's 'Wich' ice cream sandwich
1x Cone with Ben and Jerry's Choc Fudge Sundae ice cream
4x Gaymer's pear cider
Vodka - undisclosed amount
1x Sainsbury's white chocolate and raspberry cookie

I broke this all up with a bit of dancing to this guy, I thought that might loosen the stuck pelvis a little.

Dear Huey, you are the smoothest man in the world. I want to eat lots of Ben and Jerry's ice cream with you whilst you talk all 'Brooklyn' to me. I can tell you like ice cream too so let's do it.

And that's just what I remember, there has been much more. I reckon we could throw in a couple of bacon butties as well. I am such a dirty cow, someone needs to tell my body that I don't need this many calories when I am unable to run.

Incredibly, I have lost weight? According to my scales I am now 10 stone 1lbs. Just before the swim I was 10 stone 7lbs. So this means that my muscle must be turning back into flubber.

I need some new low fat recipes and I need to start cooking again. If anyone has some tasty low fat recipes that do not include mushrooms (filthy grey fungus food) then please email me.

Anywhoo - I have been trying to become inspired through some food blogs including:

Simply breakfast - this photo speaks for itself

Photo - Jennifer Causey

and Shutterbean - which is just my favourite. I need to make this, even though I suspect it isn't actually healthy but just look at it. I am salivating and typing - multi tasking at its best.

Festival photo's provided by the delicious Jane Reido - thanks muffin x

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