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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Culture and trainers


I'm back from the big smoke. Back on the running today, I didn't get a run in down south but I would have loved to run over the millenium bridge like this fella above. Today was just a quick run, 5k in my new Asics 2160. The colour of these bad boys is gross but I had a good gait analysis in London. Sadly, these trainers are not for me and I think I am going to have to go back to Sweatshop in Manc and speak to the dudes about the 30 day return policy. They are not wide enough and when my feet swell from running I fear they are going to murder at least two of my toes, maybe they'll make them turn black and fall off. That wouldn't be be too pretty in sandals and will perhaps affect my balance so I better do something about it.

Maybe I need a size up, you should always get trainers a half size up to allow for swelling. I did this but my fat feet obviously need a bit more room to party.

I also forgot my nike+ sensor wouldn't fit with another trainer as none nike trainers do not have the 'sensor wel'l in the shoe sole. So I had to be a bit tricky and velcro the sensor under my laces - I know, I am a genius.

Oh man, I realise this is a proper training/ kit post. How boring, sorry.

So here are some nice culture photos from London to try and spice this party up, I'm not as plebby as you thought eh. Kath's not the only 'cultured' one.

St Paul's Cathedral

Allegedly the most expensive painting in the world  - according to some programme I watched.
Picasso - Nude, Green leaves and Bust (also known as Bust Nude with Sculptor's Turntable) 1932

Jackson Pollock - Summertime Number: 9A

Tate Modern
 Roy Lichtenstein - Whaam!
I loved this at School and painted the explosion onto a plastic bikini shell as part of my GCSE. 

Brilliant, thank you Tate Modern for being free and super rocking.

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