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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Coaches and Trains

Another training session with Paul and Mickey last night. Thankfully this week there was no return of the rugby ball, just lots of running about. This I can do, after a fashion (a slow one). It's organised fun that I have trouble with.

Paul and Mickey have a lot to learn about training people. They explain everything and give you lots of encouragement. Never once have they told me I can't do something, even though I clearly can't. I think they need some lessons from a few of my teachers from School and Dave 'You-can't-swim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now-jump-into-the-cold-and-very-deep-water-then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!', the coach from The Quays.

Would it be very wrong of someone to still be dreaming about pushing Dave into the Quays, naked, in January, when it is snowing, even if they hadn't seen him for over two months? Just thought I'd check, you know, in case I ever met anyone who thought like that.

Anyway I don't ache quite as much as I did last time. Maybe all my standing on one leg and lunging at train stations is paying off.

I quite like my journey back from Warrington  as it is still a novelty for me to get on public transport at that time of day, and not be drunk. I'm fairly confident of not catching the wrong train, or dozing off and ending up in Barrow in Furness. Which is nice.



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