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Thursday, 14 July 2011


I didn't run last night, got some crappy news which made me sulk. I even forfeited my tea! yeah, that bad. Good job I eat enough calories during the day to keep me going for several weeks.

do I feel bad? NO, Kath is totally going to kick my arse anyway so as long as a get round the 13.1 miles I don't care. Plus this half marathon is on my stomping ground, like where i grew up so I know all the shortcuts.

anyway, tues I went to yoga and for a run so yeah.

I would recommend Yoga for running people, the lady made me stretch all the bits in my legs that have got all tight from running. She tried to make us do some pretty weird shit though, I'm not sure some of it is even legal.

She took pity on my mate and I as we were clearly the most inflexible of the class. Some french chick laughed at me when I tried to balance on some blocks and fell off, legs akimbo. I didn't mind, I was pleased I was the source of someones amusement other than my own for a change,

The good news is the hip felt a bit better and the latter run seemed to be injury reduced. So in conclusion, yoga is good stuff - especially if you're running. I felt totally chilled out too, so much in fact I nearly nodded of twice in the relaxation bit. I think I woke myself up with a little snort, you know the kind you do when you realised you shouldn't be sleeping. Like in lectures, when your head would roll off your hand and then smack on the table and wake you up, no? Was that just me? I guess no one else studied communication studies then.

And don't ask me what communication studies is because I don't know, I was asleep wasn't I. Jeez, try to keep up.

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