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Friday, 15 July 2011

Beating Sam

Sam's been getting all competitive this week, and is convinced that I will win at everything. Obviously she is right - look at all these things that I've beaten her at this week alone...

Slowest 10k run in the world ever, with more stops that anyone has ever needed since time began.

Most painful ankle as a result of embarrassing Mum-dancing at a Lancashire Hotpots gig.

Best taste in music and gigs.

Most cake eaten in a week. I blame the Co op in Warrington for having The Fabulous Baker Boys lemon cupcakes on BOGOF.

Loudest groans on standing up due to every single muscle really hurting following a few short sprints on Wednesday.

Most time spent changing and applying suncream only to find the sun has disappeared behind the biggest cloud the world has ever seen.

Longest time trying to find out how to put a Youtube video in a blog post. All good advice though.

Most inept performance at a rugby-related game in front of two professional rugby players.

Highest number of haircuts by the rudest and loudest hairdresser on the planet. She didn’t even ask if I was going on holiday when I am.

Least amount of alcohol drunk in a pub after work due to complete lack of ability to self-moderate at all. On the plus side I did discover Fentimans Victorian lemonade which is fricking amazing, and the closest thing to a G and T you’ll find without having a G and T. 

So all in all a considerably more successful week than Sam's.

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