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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Addiction and stuff

So you may have noticed that I posted a RIP for Amy Winehouse the other day. I believe that the loss of human life as a result of that terrorist attack in Norway was extremely tragic and unnecessary but I don’t feel it was relevant to include in this blog. I feel I need to add something to that previous post.

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This blog was originally written to document mine and Kath’s training in preparation for the Great Salford Swim. We knew that people were more inclined to donate money to Moodswings when they had a story to follow. We were greedy – we wanted your cash. Thanks for that by they way.
The blog has grown into a bit of a monster; we have now completed our swim and in our madness have continued to post and talk about our new challenge – The English Half Marathon.

We have kept the blog purposely light hearted to keep peoples attention and I think because we are both pretty silly and have a pretty dark sense of humour (that we have toned down for the sake of basic decency). 

You may have noticed that Kath has had her own personal struggle with alcohol and she has very bravely documented this on the blog in the hope it would inspire others. So this blog isn’t really just about sports bra’s, crap recipes and running around. 

Kath is fantastic, in 7 months she has stopped drinking completely, raised £1200 in charity money for the very charity that supported her through this time, swam a mile in open water and started training for a half marathon when she has had no experience running in the past.  She hasn’t just plodded through either, she has dedicated herself to training and achieved fantastic times and kicked my arse in the doing (and I am 10 years her junior and considerably more attractive may I add). She has managed all of this whilst going through some other challenging personal circumstances and whilst raising her 12 year old twins as a single mother. 

Dear Kath,
You are a massive weirdo but you are ‘nails hard’ and I think you are ace and brave and shit. You are still funny even though you don’t drink which is something I will never be.
Please stop running fast as I will be forced to break your legs because you are making me look bad. And well because I like to win, or at least I would like to win this time.
Love Sambo

So on a serious note (I guess you picked up this was serious already from the tone) this blog also touches on addiction and dependency (albeit in a dry and sarcastic manner). Kath has come out the other end and is better for doing so but it has been incredibly hard for her and no doubt it is still a daily challenge. Some people do not survive and sadly Amy Winehouse is now one of those people. Her life was precious as is all life; she will be missed as a person not just as a celebrity.

Please consider this next time you make some sarcy remark about her death or the demise of anyone with an addiction or dependency.  Addiction is a disease.

You can change your opinion; you can be more understanding and supportive in the future. If we all did this maybe this would help and encourage addicts to help themselves to seek help and to try and get better. Let’s not write people off.

Russell Brand wrote a fantastic article from the perspective of an ex-addict. You can read it here, I would recommend having a read if you get chance. Even though I have gone off him in a big way since he married Katy Whatsherface and become an ahem ‘film star’.  RUSSELL  - I WANT THE RADIO 2 PODCASTS BACK!

Oh my, this is a long indulgent post isn’t it. I don’t like being serious – do not make me do this again. I am in no position to be a social commentator and I don't mean to preach, I just want us to all hug each other and get along and sing songs and stuff.

So lets get back to silly stuff like bums and boobs - brap brap x

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