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Friday, 29 July 2011

Naughty purchases

Guess what I've been doing to fill the time (whilst not running much) - shopping! Well I did run 3k on Wedsnesdy and it felt okay.

Ahh, I love it. I have been buying very important running gear because I am sick off looking like I am running down in my dads hand-me-downs whilst Kath is running about like the imelda marcus of sports gear.

Sports Direct have a sale on at the moment and I have finally, yes finally bought the Nike Tempo shorts I have been lusting* for (see here for previous blog). Sadly, I have had to buy them in pink (yak). I am not a pink person and I am not that happy about running about in shorts that are the same colour as my spleen but I need to be a little more practical - they were in the sale.

Then I might of had to buy another nike pair called the 'phantom'. Yep, they make me invisible to the trained eye cause I am so fast. Or maybe they are called that because they have hidden lycra shorts underneath that suck in the cellulite and give a more pleasant sensation when running. They were v. expensive mind (£19.99 in the sale) but I had to buy them because they are so comfy.

I really needed running shorts because I don't have enough to rotate, there were moo cows in fields running away as a result of the pong coming from my well loved 'old navy' ones.

I can't be doing with these lycra shorts that Kath and Nikki wear. They make me look like the back of Roman Abramovich's yacht and reveal enough of my creases and bump and lumps to warrant an arrest for public indecency.
* I am disgusted with myself that I take such pleasure from buying a pair of running shorts. disgusted.
My other little treat  - a Karrimor wicking top with built in sports bra for £6 - bargain. More potato support, my boobs must think its christmas.


And these might have accidentally slipped into my bag, in error - whoops. Well I say in error, I didn't steal them - I just accidentally on purpose bought them cause they are so retro and seventies. And to think I used to verbally abuse my Mum for making me wear sandals like this when I was little. Though she did deserve it because she bought them from 'Latchford discount' and so I was bullied ruthlessly as a result. Sorry Mum.

So in conclusion - if you folks are thinking about running and have no kit, get yourself down to the sales and buy some wicking stuff whilst its cheap.

Big love Sam x

p.s. No one, I mean no one has sent me any recipes - this is a poor show and confirms what I always suspected. No one other than Kath's parents and Nikki from work read our blog.


Apparently Kath's parents don't read the blog either and mine definitely don't so that just leaves Nikki.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Coaches and Trains

Another training session with Paul and Mickey last night. Thankfully this week there was no return of the rugby ball, just lots of running about. This I can do, after a fashion (a slow one). It's organised fun that I have trouble with.

Paul and Mickey have a lot to learn about training people. They explain everything and give you lots of encouragement. Never once have they told me I can't do something, even though I clearly can't. I think they need some lessons from a few of my teachers from School and Dave 'You-can't-swim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now-jump-into-the-cold-and-very-deep-water-then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!', the coach from The Quays.

Would it be very wrong of someone to still be dreaming about pushing Dave into the Quays, naked, in January, when it is snowing, even if they hadn't seen him for over two months? Just thought I'd check, you know, in case I ever met anyone who thought like that.

Anyway I don't ache quite as much as I did last time. Maybe all my standing on one leg and lunging at train stations is paying off.

I quite like my journey back from Warrington  as it is still a novelty for me to get on public transport at that time of day, and not be drunk. I'm fairly confident of not catching the wrong train, or dozing off and ending up in Barrow in Furness. Which is nice.



Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Food lust

So I am not running very much (at all) at the moment, much to my disgust. I can feel my general well being slipping back into the gutter. Kath is talking about doing another mile swim at the end of August - if I didn't know better I would say she had been drinking.

I was supposed to see my Chiropractor for another bone cracking session last night. The receptionist made a boo boo and after driving for half an hour in the rush hour I was told I didn't have an appointment. And guess what, driving for that long made my hip really hurt - oh the irony. I was in a bad mood after - baaaaad mood.

My thoughts are pretty much consumed with food whilst I can't run, it is by far the most comforting thing in my life (well on even par with this little gentleman)

I have of course been using this injury break as an opportunity to stuff my pie hole as much as possible to drown out the demons. The last 10 days have included the following:

1 x Nandos - double chicken pitta with peri peri chips
An unknown quantity of cocktails
1x Large Aero bubbles bar
1x BBQ where I got the meat sweats from eating way too many sausages
1x Wagamama chicken and coconut curry with duck dumplings
2x Dixy chicken spicy deep fried tower burgers
2x Curries - one a meal in London and another a take away
1x Mexican meal - v. disappointing (silly posh London)
1x Fish and Chips (at the Ben and Jerry's Festival)
1/2 x Ben and Jerry's 'Wich' ice cream sandwich
1x Cone with Ben and Jerry's Choc Fudge Sundae ice cream
4x Gaymer's pear cider
Vodka - undisclosed amount
1x Sainsbury's white chocolate and raspberry cookie

I broke this all up with a bit of dancing to this guy, I thought that might loosen the stuck pelvis a little.

Dear Huey, you are the smoothest man in the world. I want to eat lots of Ben and Jerry's ice cream with you whilst you talk all 'Brooklyn' to me. I can tell you like ice cream too so let's do it.

And that's just what I remember, there has been much more. I reckon we could throw in a couple of bacon butties as well. I am such a dirty cow, someone needs to tell my body that I don't need this many calories when I am unable to run.

Incredibly, I have lost weight? According to my scales I am now 10 stone 1lbs. Just before the swim I was 10 stone 7lbs. So this means that my muscle must be turning back into flubber.

I need some new low fat recipes and I need to start cooking again. If anyone has some tasty low fat recipes that do not include mushrooms (filthy grey fungus food) then please email me.

Anywhoo - I have been trying to become inspired through some food blogs including:

Simply breakfast - this photo speaks for itself

Photo - Jennifer Causey

and Shutterbean - which is just my favourite. I need to make this, even though I suspect it isn't actually healthy but just look at it. I am salivating and typing - multi tasking at its best.

Festival photo's provided by the delicious Jane Reido - thanks muffin x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pride and Prejudice

Erm, right, not at all sure how to follow up Sam's last post. She clearly fancies me, and now I'll have to find a way of subtly telling her it's not mutual.

If you haven't read it, then do, even though she'll once again win the ratings war on the blog. Not for the nice bits about me, well not just for those bits anyway, but for the stuff on addiction. Oh, and ignore the bit where she calls me a massive weirdo - it was probably a typo.

If Amy Winehouse did die through addiction then she wasn't alone last week. And yeah doubtless it could've been me if life had gone a little differently at various times.

There's been a lot of ignorant twaddle spoken about addiction on the Internet this week. I'm no expert myself - let's face it I was pissed - but people saying that someone who died through addiction brought it on themselves, or were stupid, or wasted talent, or whatever else has been said, really have no understanding of the power of addiction. I hope it doesn't take going through it, or watching someone they love go through it, to change their minds.

AA use the phrase "There but for the grace of God go I". Personally I wouldn't use the words grace of God; it is one of the many places where AA and I fail to see eye to eye; but it is a good dictum whenever you feel like judging someone.

And here endeth the second lesson. Normal froth will recommence shortly.

Addiction and stuff

So you may have noticed that I posted a RIP for Amy Winehouse the other day. I believe that the loss of human life as a result of that terrorist attack in Norway was extremely tragic and unnecessary but I don’t feel it was relevant to include in this blog. I feel I need to add something to that previous post.

 Photo source - here

This blog was originally written to document mine and Kath’s training in preparation for the Great Salford Swim. We knew that people were more inclined to donate money to Moodswings when they had a story to follow. We were greedy – we wanted your cash. Thanks for that by they way.
The blog has grown into a bit of a monster; we have now completed our swim and in our madness have continued to post and talk about our new challenge – The English Half Marathon.

We have kept the blog purposely light hearted to keep peoples attention and I think because we are both pretty silly and have a pretty dark sense of humour (that we have toned down for the sake of basic decency). 

You may have noticed that Kath has had her own personal struggle with alcohol and she has very bravely documented this on the blog in the hope it would inspire others. So this blog isn’t really just about sports bra’s, crap recipes and running around. 

Kath is fantastic, in 7 months she has stopped drinking completely, raised £1200 in charity money for the very charity that supported her through this time, swam a mile in open water and started training for a half marathon when she has had no experience running in the past.  She hasn’t just plodded through either, she has dedicated herself to training and achieved fantastic times and kicked my arse in the doing (and I am 10 years her junior and considerably more attractive may I add). She has managed all of this whilst going through some other challenging personal circumstances and whilst raising her 12 year old twins as a single mother. 

Dear Kath,
You are a massive weirdo but you are ‘nails hard’ and I think you are ace and brave and shit. You are still funny even though you don’t drink which is something I will never be.
Please stop running fast as I will be forced to break your legs because you are making me look bad. And well because I like to win, or at least I would like to win this time.
Love Sambo

So on a serious note (I guess you picked up this was serious already from the tone) this blog also touches on addiction and dependency (albeit in a dry and sarcastic manner). Kath has come out the other end and is better for doing so but it has been incredibly hard for her and no doubt it is still a daily challenge. Some people do not survive and sadly Amy Winehouse is now one of those people. Her life was precious as is all life; she will be missed as a person not just as a celebrity.

Please consider this next time you make some sarcy remark about her death or the demise of anyone with an addiction or dependency.  Addiction is a disease.

You can change your opinion; you can be more understanding and supportive in the future. If we all did this maybe this would help and encourage addicts to help themselves to seek help and to try and get better. Let’s not write people off.

Russell Brand wrote a fantastic article from the perspective of an ex-addict. You can read it here, I would recommend having a read if you get chance. Even though I have gone off him in a big way since he married Katy Whatsherface and become an ahem ‘film star’.  RUSSELL  - I WANT THE RADIO 2 PODCASTS BACK!

Oh my, this is a long indulgent post isn’t it. I don’t like being serious – do not make me do this again. I am in no position to be a social commentator and I don't mean to preach, I just want us to all hug each other and get along and sing songs and stuff.

So lets get back to silly stuff like bums and boobs - brap brap x

Monday, 25 July 2011

Potato update - Shock Absorber review

I have a sports bra, finally - these inventions are magnificent. Does everyone know about sports bra's? Why have I not got one earlier. If you don't have one then go out and get one immediately.

Kath was getting very concerned about my boobs, which just confirmed what I always thought - that she has a massive crush on me and can't stop thinking about my chest.

 Photo source - here
I am never this happy when running - as if she is.

So she told me the shock absorber specialist run bra was going a whopping £12 cheaper (£25) on Amazon. I of course haven't spent enough money this month -  £7.50 is a bargain for a 3 sip cocktail - sort it out London, you can get 2 cocktails for that in the north. So anyway I got it.

I am going to give this bra a whopping 9 out of 10. It loses a point for not adjusting slightly longer on the rib cage. The straps are height adjustable, comfortable and wide for extra support but I had them on the longest notch and they only just sit right. I realise every one's breasts sit at different heights on their chest and it has become clear that I must have a pair of low hangers.

Yes, that's right. I would be better flashing you by lifting up my skirt than pulling my top down. I haven't even had kids and so I am obviously just unlucky. If you have serious low bangers then you need to try this bra on first to see if it suits. Alternatively, you could just stuff them up a little like I did.

That is actually a tiny grumble because this bra is ace, it is supportive and provide a nice womanly shape rather than the usual Madonna conical tit that most sports bra's create.

I ran a quickish 5k and I cannot complain, it actually felt like it pulled my shoulders straight a bit more which can only serve to help my back.

Result, bajangers are immobile and no longer sore. I also have no scarring or torn flesh from underwire. Brrrrilliant.

Shock Absorber is available at most good sports shops in store and online and is currently retailing at a very competitive price on amazon at the moment. Get on it ladies and boys with moobs.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sense and Sensibility

I’m beginning to think that running isn’t good for you.  Sam’s injured, cos she’s all wonky and the repetitiveness of running puts more pressure on her skew-whiff joints. James has hurt his knee and hasn’t been able to train for the last two weeks. Katy's had a chest infection and also hasn't been able to train. And one of the other girls on Mickey’s team really hurt her leg at the training session on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I’m still groaning every time I stand up from general all-over aches, and one of my ankles feels a bit bothersome.  I really don’t want something to go ping when I’m out running, so I am being super sensible absolutely all the time now. 

I’m keeping the ankle well-supported by wearing Converse boots when I’m not running. I don’t know why this advice isn’t more widely available, like on GPs’ noticeboards and stuff. I just Googled “support ankle Converse boots” and no running sites came up at all. You heard it here first.

I’ve been swimming a couple of times to try and stretch everything out. I miss doing a sport that doesn’t try to kill you. Well, except for the possibility of drowning, or getting hypothermia, or hepatitis. 

I’ve started doing lunges and stuff whenever I’ve got a few minutes to spare. This is often at bus stops or train stations and I look a tool. If you drive past and see me doing this please don’t laugh and shout “nutter” out of the window.

I did the Parkrun again yesterday and I knocked over a minute off my Personal Best, so I was pleased about that. And was the guy who came in just in front of me the last two times there to eat my dust? No he was not.  Coward.  My nextdoor neighbour was there though – he had time for a three course meal between his finish time and mine, but he is young and fit, which isn’t really playing the game. I was first in my gender and age group, but only because the woman who normally beats me by about a fortnight wasn’t there.  Hurrah anyway.

And I watched my first rugby match yesterday. I didn’t have a clue what was going on but I wasn’t really concentrating as I was also trying to laser my legs to ensure they are hairfree and aerodynamic. There seemed to be a lot of fighting which stopped when someone said “Move”. It is a technique I shall try with the kids.  Anyway, Warrington didn’t win and Wigan did win so that was pretty rubbish all round. 

I saw these signs when I got lost the other day.

I still have no idea why you can't shoot a microchipped horse.

Here is a microchipped horse demonstrating that the grass is in fact considerably greener the other side of the fence. I'd say "luckily now I don't drink I am on the greener side of the fence", but that would be, at best, vomit-inducing and, at worst, sufficient cause for my murder. No one at all would blame you.


So I am not allowed to run much so I have been seeking fulfilling ways of spending my time. This is what I have been doing:

1. Eating...lots

Nando's chicken last night and for breakfast a packet of salt and vinegar discos and a quarter of a water melon. I might have a bacon butty in a minute. Protein and carbs are essential in preparation for a long distance run - though I won't be doing any soon but it's good to prepare.

Speaking of melons', did I mention that I got my first sports bra. I feel all grown up now. Like after I got my first bra which I bought swiftly after my mate Kathryn pointed out my 'Forever Friends' crop top in P.E. and laughed very loudly. I bought this despite not having anything to fill it with other than toilet paper, whereas Kathryn could have filled mine and hers combined without difficulty.

2. Watching telly.

I've now got a massive crush on Gene Kelly after watching Anchors Aweigh. He had an amazing ass and could dance like a champ, you've got to love a man who can dance. My boyfriend does a misguided dry hump dance, it's incredible that a man who can play the drums has so little rhythm.

Yes - I understand he is dead. Most people I fancy are dead. Gee he's swell.

3. Fixing and replacing all the stuff I broke or lost in London.

Including  -
My phone (broke)
Phone charger (lost)
SLR camera lens (broke - I dropped the fecker getting off the tube)
Fancy glass nail file (lost)

My Mum says I am not allowed out on my own anymore.

4. Sorting out the trainer situation.

Sweatshop in the Arndale are amazing, they took back my trainers irrespective of me having a run in them. They gave me a new gait analysis and then gave me a straight swap for a new pair.

In case you were wondering, I am not sponsored by Sweatshop. They have just massively impressed me, most other running shops will charge you for a gait analysis in the first place and I cant imagine they would let you return your trainers. They can be a bit more expensive than if you source kit from the web but in the long run (ha, long run. brilliant) it's worth the investment.

Though I reckon there is a photo fit of me in the shop window saying - 'don't let this picky bitch back in'.

Which idiot names a colour 'kiwi' and was it the same idiots idea to pick such a nauseating colour palette? I think I can be seen from the moon now.

Say hello to my new asics 2160's (bigger size). £60 dabs in the sale reduced from £90 (I got them for £45 cause Kath gave me a 15 squid off voucher).

5. Some more festivals.

I'm going to the Ben and Jerry's Sundae Festival today to watch Ocean Colour Scene and a have a jolly nineties nostalgia fest. I might throw myself into it and wear my Pulp t-shirt and a pair of flares with an old Adidas zip up, have poorly straightened hair scraped back into a high ponytail and swipe some Rimmel 'heather shimmer' over my lips so they look like a baboons arse.

and  then next week the Vintage Festival on London's Southbank, where I shall be going in full sixties regalia. I am going on the train this time, thankfully. I don't think I can stomach another Megabus journey with all the riffers and Margaret and her husband from Lancashire who narrated for the whole 4 and a half fecking hours!

"Look Margaret - look at all those taxi's"
"Ooh this bus driver goes a bit fast"
"Look Margaret there's a park, some student halls, a dog, a policeman, an Ambulance. Oooh someones having a bad day."

Dear Margaret and husband, I really enjoyed our time together on that bus. I especially liked how you read out every street sign you saw out aloud and how you managed to calculate the time it will take you to get home in comparison to your friends who went on the National Express. And the measurements of National Express legroom vs. Megabus.  I especially liked how you say 'buz' rather than 'bus'. How you moaned about single travellers,  how they shouldn't be allowed to pick their own seats and how the 'buz' driver should make them all sit next to each other so couples can sit together, despite the fact that you both sat next to each other!!!!

I really hope we meet again, perhaps next week on the train to London. Maybe we can discuss how I DID NOT push in front of you and then we can have a cup of coffee out of your flask before I beat you both to death with it.

I am horrible, I don't mean it really. I would normally find such people cute but I was tired and it was raining and I DIDN'T PUSH IN - SO WHY DID YOU CRAP ON ABOUT IT FOR 4 HOURS!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Oh Amy - Rest in Peace

Rest in peace Amy Winehouse

Photo source - here*

Oh Amy - what did you do? 

What a shame, she had an amazing voice. Now she is a card carrying member of the 27 club.
I loved her all the more for her Fred Perry habit and her beehive.

I'm really sad but I have to say I am pretty disappointed in the BBC News channel, they got a bit Amy heavy with the coverage and though it is sad less we forget there have been many more tragic deaths in Norway. BBC you are great, please don't forget it's all about balance.

No doubt we are going to get bombarded by Amy tracks in the next week. Here's my favourite that I listen to when running. These two are my Fred Perry dream duo.  Sleep peacefully. Big love x

* I got this amazing Amy photo from a very talented photographer on Flickr, if the owner is not happy with me using this photo and wishes it to be removed please email me. Contact details on my profile page x

Let's get physical

So, I can't run so much so I am going to maybe go swimming (boo, I got a bit bored of swimming as you can imagine) and some more of that flexi yoga stuffs. Yeah, that's good for me. The Doctor told me so.

Photo source - here

I am using ONJ as a bit of inspiration, what a body. She had cancer and that didn't stop her. So I can deffo beat a bit badly alligned pelvis and inflammed tissue.

Photo source  - here

You rock ONJ - I god damn love your flares.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Injured :-(

I am officially injured, a Doctor said so. The right side of my pelvis is locked and is causing pain in my knee, neck, hip and foot. Basically I am wonky on one side and have limited movement on the right so that goes to explain why I walk into walls and veer off diagonally when swimming.

See, I am not always drunk - I just look it.

What he's told me explains a lot.

But I don't think all is lost because he is a Chiropractor and did some bone manipulating and evil deep tissue massaging that has helped a heap. I walked in there with a limp and out without one, I am no way pain free though.

So it's a bit of Iliotibial band syndrome, he beat that bit of my leg good and proper and I am not going to lie, it really hurt.

I am pretty depressed about it, I have to half my running for the next two weeks and I have to stop if I am in pain. Which is most of the time.

Before the appointment I tried to run 8k and I could only run in 200m bursts before having to walk. I felt pretty sorry for myself and burst into tears in front of some ducks. Ducks are not sensitive to emotions - I learnt that today.

I am not going to let this beat me god damn it, I am going to do my stretches and more yoga like a good girl. Dr Clark says I will be able to catch up on the training in the last 6 weeks. So I might be down but I am not out.

All hopes of beating Kath now will have to be abandoned. I just want to make it round the course.

Dear running, I thought I hated you but now I just miss you.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kraking on with it

I've been in Krakow for the last few days which was lovely.

It was my second holiday without alcohol. Turns out you don't actually need a G and T at the airport to put you in the holiday mood after all. Who'd have thought it?

I got the impression that people do a fair amount of drinking in Poland. 

They do, however, have alcohol-free beer in a lot of bars, or they did in the touristy areas we frequented anyway. I became quite a connoisseur of the various options -  Karmi, which is watered down black treacle and not a mistake I'll make again; Lech-Free -  probably the best name for a beer in the world; and Pzwiezxwsky (or something like that - I'm not completely fluent in Polish). 

The latter has 1% alcohol in it which is obviously not going to get me drunk and hasn't sent me anywhere near the closest gin bottle, but I'm very aware that I mustn't go down the route of thinking 'well, 1% was OK, so why not just see if I'm OK with a couple of Becks Vier or similar?' Many years of stopping and starting smoking has taught me exactly how that one would go, and I think it may be time to learn from a mistake or two. Not all of them, obviously. I don't have the time.

So, I had three blissful days off running. I like to think of it as a chance for my muscles and joints to recuperate and to build up my carbs in preparation. Others may of course think I was slobbing and stuffing my face with pizza, dumplings and cake.

I ran to Bury again yesterday morning. It's much closer to my house if you go the right way. Things went rather better than they did on my 10k run on Friday. My top tip is to take the prescribed dose of anti-depressants rather than accidentally taking double. It seems to reduce the need to stop for a bit of a doze every few feet. I try these things so you don't have to.

And it was back to Warrington for more sprinting last night. Paul and Mickey weren't there - they mentioned something  about some match this weekend. All the rest of the group seemed to know what they meant and be going to watch. Maybe I'd better Google it and at least find out what the score is before next week. I have not yet followed Sam's excellent advice of asking them whether they play Rugby League or Union, but it's nice of her to give me helpful conversational openers.

Culture and trainers


I'm back from the big smoke. Back on the running today, I didn't get a run in down south but I would have loved to run over the millenium bridge like this fella above. Today was just a quick run, 5k in my new Asics 2160. The colour of these bad boys is gross but I had a good gait analysis in London. Sadly, these trainers are not for me and I think I am going to have to go back to Sweatshop in Manc and speak to the dudes about the 30 day return policy. They are not wide enough and when my feet swell from running I fear they are going to murder at least two of my toes, maybe they'll make them turn black and fall off. That wouldn't be be too pretty in sandals and will perhaps affect my balance so I better do something about it.

Maybe I need a size up, you should always get trainers a half size up to allow for swelling. I did this but my fat feet obviously need a bit more room to party.

I also forgot my nike+ sensor wouldn't fit with another trainer as none nike trainers do not have the 'sensor wel'l in the shoe sole. So I had to be a bit tricky and velcro the sensor under my laces - I know, I am a genius.

Oh man, I realise this is a proper training/ kit post. How boring, sorry.

So here are some nice culture photos from London to try and spice this party up, I'm not as plebby as you thought eh. Kath's not the only 'cultured' one.

St Paul's Cathedral

Allegedly the most expensive painting in the world  - according to some programme I watched.
Picasso - Nude, Green leaves and Bust (also known as Bust Nude with Sculptor's Turntable) 1932

Jackson Pollock - Summertime Number: 9A

Tate Modern
 Roy Lichtenstein - Whaam!
I loved this at School and painted the explosion onto a plastic bikini shell as part of my GCSE. 

Brilliant, thank you Tate Modern for being free and super rocking.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday music

Yeah, you get the picture. I am still in London so no training related blogs.

Instead please feel free to enjoy this piece of genius.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


As this little post is popping up I should be on my way to the big smoke from Hemel Hempstead. Hopefully I am not hungover cause I am having a Mexican feast with one of, if not the best ginger people ever.

So this is a scheduled post that means nothing and has no bearing on training or running.

Happy Sunday people, enjoy this super cool little band. They are awesomeness.

Laters Sam x

Saturday, 16 July 2011



This is a scheduled post, brought to you by the wonder of the internet. By now I should have *HOPEFULLY got up at 7.30am, ran 16k, eat something, made a butty for the car journey, ironed my new topshop top, showered, washed my hair and dried and straightened it. And I should be on my way to Hemel now for Zoe Aldridge's 30th shabang. Happy birthday you big Gazelle x

I am pretty sure that I haven't managed to complete a good 50% of the above tasks but if I get the run in and manage a wash I'll be happy.

So I haven't got time for a proper blog post so here is some truly inspirational music. This is my running anthem.

Dear Stevie Winwood, you rock my world. I would like to marry you, especially now but more so then. I am sad that I will never be able to afford to see you and Clapton blow peoples minds at the Albert Hall but I forgive you because one day you will be my husband. Thank you much x


It's all gone terribly, terribly wrong. I got up and got out by 8am as planned. The mister came with me, he was going to leave me at 5km and head home. Everything was working out beautifully and then I got hurt.

I had a brilliant run last night, did 3km on the road and 5km on the treadmill. My gait looked good, my hip, foot and hip didn't complain. I was pretty pleased with myself.

I guess it was a bit ambitious running a fast 8km then going straight into a 16km 12 hours later.

It was raining but nice rain, the kind that keeps you cool. At about 2km my knee started to grumble then at 3.5km running was becoming seriously painful and I was starting to run with a limp. I don't know much about biomechanics but I know this, running for a further 12km limping is bad and can lead to further injury.

So I had to make a decision so I pulled up and went home with the mister. Total run 5.21km.

The mister gave me a bloody good telling off as he knows I have a habit of popping
a few ibruprofen and one of my super migraine painkillers so I can run on. But I know this is in no way sensible.

So I am devastated and I also feel ashamed. I had a 5km run scheduled for Tues, if I have a couple of days off maybe I can get out for the 16km then. That would make me feel better because it would be a straight swap.


Anyway, here's an action shot the mister took. Check out the calves on that! Gross.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Beating Sam

Sam's been getting all competitive this week, and is convinced that I will win at everything. Obviously she is right - look at all these things that I've beaten her at this week alone...

Slowest 10k run in the world ever, with more stops that anyone has ever needed since time began.

Most painful ankle as a result of embarrassing Mum-dancing at a Lancashire Hotpots gig.

Best taste in music and gigs.

Most cake eaten in a week. I blame the Co op in Warrington for having The Fabulous Baker Boys lemon cupcakes on BOGOF.

Loudest groans on standing up due to every single muscle really hurting following a few short sprints on Wednesday.

Most time spent changing and applying suncream only to find the sun has disappeared behind the biggest cloud the world has ever seen.

Longest time trying to find out how to put a Youtube video in a blog post. All good advice though.

Most inept performance at a rugby-related game in front of two professional rugby players.

Highest number of haircuts by the rudest and loudest hairdresser on the planet. She didn’t even ask if I was going on holiday when I am.

Least amount of alcohol drunk in a pub after work due to complete lack of ability to self-moderate at all. On the plus side I did discover Fentimans Victorian lemonade which is fricking amazing, and the closest thing to a G and T you’ll find without having a G and T. 

So all in all a considerably more successful week than Sam's.

Shoe fun


Shoe fun to me means these little beauties, I don't just mean Michelle though she is hot! She is made significantly more smoking as a result of her little black pumps.

Instead of spending money on sports bra's and shorts and entrance fee's I think my pennies would be better spent on these bobby dazzlers. A snip at just £375, pah.

 Christian Louboutin - Simple 70 patent leather pumps *licks lips

But NO, I have to wear ugly biatches like these.

In the past 7days I ran 34.2km or 21.3 miles, completed one yoga class and a swimming lesson. I know that doesn't sound very impressive but you tell my knee and hip that. Tonight is a fast 8km and then tomorrow is my longest run ever, the dreaded 16km. 

I have purchased limb freeze spray, Glucosamine tablets and ibruprofen gel in anticipation of the mess that will be left behind from this run. I can also imagine there will be blisters and also chaffing - I'm sure it comes as no surprise that my thighs rub against each other like two sumo wrestlers in an embrace.

I am not moaning though, I am instead being sensible and preparing for ruin.

Can't wait. My reward for such distance is I am going to purchase some new trainers in that there London. Then I am going to run around London - so I will take my ipod for some blurry photos. Expect that post next week.

So as I am an underpronator, I shall have to buy trainers accordingly as this is most probably why I get injured (a lot). That and my pesky high arches.

So I have embeded a couple of videos here to show you what underpronator (suprination/or), overpronator and neutral runners look like. It is important to get the right trainers for your running style. To do this it is advised that you get a GAIT analysis at your local running store - they will film the way you run and recommend trainers accordingly.

For Manc runners, Sweatshop in the Arndale do this for free, bless them.

Also, I have to get up super early tomorrow and run this all before 10am cause then I am away down south to a 30th birthday celebration and a London visit. So I might schedule a couple of blogs but it might be a bit quiet on here because Kath is away in Poland, lording it about.

Peace out x

Thursday, 14 July 2011


I didn't run last night, got some crappy news which made me sulk. I even forfeited my tea! yeah, that bad. Good job I eat enough calories during the day to keep me going for several weeks.

do I feel bad? NO, Kath is totally going to kick my arse anyway so as long as a get round the 13.1 miles I don't care. Plus this half marathon is on my stomping ground, like where i grew up so I know all the shortcuts.

anyway, tues I went to yoga and for a run so yeah.

I would recommend Yoga for running people, the lady made me stretch all the bits in my legs that have got all tight from running. She tried to make us do some pretty weird shit though, I'm not sure some of it is even legal.

She took pity on my mate and I as we were clearly the most inflexible of the class. Some french chick laughed at me when I tried to balance on some blocks and fell off, legs akimbo. I didn't mind, I was pleased I was the source of someones amusement other than my own for a change,

The good news is the hip felt a bit better and the latter run seemed to be injury reduced. So in conclusion, yoga is good stuff - especially if you're running. I felt totally chilled out too, so much in fact I nearly nodded of twice in the relaxation bit. I think I woke myself up with a little snort, you know the kind you do when you realised you shouldn't be sleeping. Like in lectures, when your head would roll off your hand and then smack on the table and wake you up, no? Was that just me? I guess no one else studied communication studies then.

And don't ask me what communication studies is because I don't know, I was asleep wasn't I. Jeez, try to keep up.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

It was the first training session with Paul and Mickey tonight. They made us do lots of sprinting relays. I have never run that fast before in my life. I was still one of the slower ones, but the other people probably haven't spent the last twenty years drunk, which is cheating.

Anyway, that was all fine (if being in pain and wishing you could go home is fine) and then the "fun" bit started. I don't know why it is only me who realises that exercise is not, and never will be, fun. 

 Mickey produced a rugby ball, and we had to play a team game with rules where you had to remember which way the ball was supposed to go and who was who and think ahead and use spatial awareness and planning and get into a space to catch the ball and pass it to someone else on the right team and things. So naturally I was brilliant at that and didn't spend the time trying to pretend I was invisible. In fact my only regret was that no one suggested a quick game of lacrosse afterwards.

All this running is playing havoc with my calf muscles. I bought a couple of pairs of Capri pants a few weeks ago and the intention was to look like this.

Unfortunately, my calves are now considerably bigger than they were, the trousers no longer fit round them and they gather round my knees and look like knickerbockers, which is not a great look when you are 40.

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