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Sunday, 5 June 2011




Oh that's right, she caved. I would like to think it was as a result of the camaraderie formed from our swim bond. But, most likely it's cause she ran out of stuff to buy so has found a new hobby. No doubt there will be a million worthless purchases over the coming months. Unfortunately she is now in cahoots with our buddy Nikki who is a certified running addict, she has a wicking obsession. Not that she doesn't run, she runs marathons - she's a nut. But she cannot stop buying running gear, she told me not so long ago she had enough running tops to keep her going for nearly two months - with a daily change. WTF.

Apparently Kath is even considering getting a GPS Garmin watch. I have been running for 5 years and I don't have one of them. I want one but they run into hundreds of pounds!!! Kath - get a grip, a crack habit would be cheaper.

Anyway - back to the update. So I started the training yesterday. I got a plan off of asics.com which looks pretty simple. It doesn't take much to confuse me you see. the plan has 65 shagging runs lined up before the race.

So yesterday went a bit turd, probably on account of my 3 week exercise holiday. I have been eating beige and drinking loads........

a bit of shape throwing and festival frolicks

and a whole lot of sun tanning and gazing out to sea.

and afternoon cream tea delights

Well, you aren't going to make me feel guilty cause I deserved it all after that pond dip.

The mister and me ran 5k yesterday, it was roastabags and we both had sore hips after. I am hoping it's cause were just a little out of shape and not cause were so old we need new hips.

We then ruined it by going out for tea in town and drinking cocktails and eating burgers. I just wanted to ponce about the northern quarter in my expensive shoes showing off my turkey tan.

according to mr sam, everyone in the northern quarter is a sycophant. I had to point out to him we were in the northern quarter and therefore that would make us sycophants too according to his rule. To which he replied "oh yeah". he is starting to sound more like morrissey as each day passes, there in must lie the attraction.

So I am going to lose some weight, that is most probably the reason my hip is hurting when I run. I myself have made some run related purchases in order to further myself. Yes Kath, I'm a hypocrite.

I also got myself a freeview recorder machine on my credit card, in anticipation of the backpay I am to receive. Yes, I understand it is not sensible to spend said money before I have it but I don't care. Now I don't have to stay up late to watch family guy and law and order which will of course mean more early morning runs ;-)

peace out

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