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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Proper Training Blog with a Recipe and Everything

Thought I’d run into town to Debenhams today, as I had to pick up some Internet shopping I’d forgotten I’d done. This is A Good Thing – combining Life and Running – I read it on the Internet somewhere.

So I took the scenic route.

It was a bit muddy. And I got lost a lot. My Garmin space chap couldn’t quite believe how many times I had to double back.

But still it was sunny. I saw a fox, but it ran off without posing for the camera.

Bolton Parish Church. If you see it from this angle when running from my house into Bolton you should’ve turned left a while back.

Bolton Town Hall. It’s in the opening credits for Coronation St you know.

Then I came home and had a panini. I’ve avoided buying a George Foreman grill for years as I thought they were just another kitchen gadget that would sit around gathering dust (does anyone want to buy a yoghurt maker by the way?) but then I realised you could do paninis on them and saw them on offer somewhere and realised that my life hadn’t in fact been complete.

So this is my Panini Recipe.

Get some extra hot Mexicana cheese, ham and a Panini roll. Slice, grate or sort of hack at the cheese as shown below. Cut the Panini roll in half horizontally, stick cheese and ham in the middle then put in grill for five minutes.

Serve with alcohol-free beer.

And now for some relevant scientific research that was in a newspaper and everything.  Scientists studied some runners for several weeks before and after the 2009 Munich marathon. They gave some of them alcohol-free beer, and others a placebo. Follow up tests showed the ones who’d had the non alcoholic beer had a third fewer colds and 20% lower level of inflammation than the poor sods who’d had the placebo (the mind boggles as to how very awful  something that was pretending to be alcohol-free beer must have been.)

Turns out I’m sensible after all. Who’d have thought it? But don’t tell Sam, Katy or James. I don’t want them taking up alcohol-free beer drinking to help with their training (although on reflection this doesn’t seem massively likely...) 

I need all the advantages I can get.

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