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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

morrissey knows

so my day was proper crap. and the 2nd run of my plan says I have to run 8k. i don't want to run 8k on a good day let alone a bad. i successfully managed to tit about for an hour and a half before i went out and i was kind of swearing under my breath when i did get out cause I thought 'this is shit, why did I sign up for this'.

cause I had a super rubbish day at work and that makes me want to eat cake and definitely not run. but I am dead glad I did because i saw as i ran through longford park a nice old man in a fez like hat smiled at me. so that made me feel good

then i saw these little cutie pies

then after i said goodbye to the bunnies, chickens and the lazy albino duck, hot chip - over and over came on my ipod and it is impossible to be unhappy listening to that song. so that made me kind of sing, run and dance at the same time. which is fine when you are on your own but when I ran round the corner and there was a man in a suit looking at me weird. but why was a man in a suit in the middle of the park, he's the weird one surely.

though I do like it when men wear suits, properly fitted suits though.

then i saw some brill wild flowers

then as I ran out near kings road, suedehead came on my ipod and it was like morrissey (the man not the cat) knew I was running near his old house. and this isn't the first time he's done this, cemetery gates came on my ipod once when I was running round southern cemetery which super freaked me out cause it was in a graveyard and my ipod was on shuffle and I have about 2185 songs on it. so this confirms what I always suspected - that morrissey is omniscient.

and then I ran past 2 chip shops, and nearly got ran over by a police van but the policeman in the passenger seat smiled at me - or laughed who knows. which was nice cause he was kind of good looking. not that i have any interest or he but I was glad i still had my eyeliner on. why are all young policeman in Manchester so damned attractive, there is a rash of them. I saw at least two others who could have been models in Piccadilly on friday.

then It started to rain but morrissey intervened again and just as I was starting to get wet I was running near the gym. so I went in there and ran 3k on the treadmill cause I couldn't be arsed with the rain. then I popped in tescos on the way back to get spinach for my virtuous tea so everything worked out well. Apart from trying to run 1.3k home with a tesco bag - i looked like a dick because it kept swinging as a ran and bashing against my thigh.

I ran past 3 chip shops and about 5 take aways without going in - despite having my cash card on me. SMUG

stick that up your jumper asics training plan and I ran it faster that you told me to!

morrissey photo source here

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