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Monday, 27 June 2011

More Tea, Vicar?

Today's run took me along the Bolton/Bury Canal, or what's left of it. I think this may be a run I repeat, as the thing about towpaths is they are very flat.

The only problem was there were no shops at any point on the run so what's the point in that?

My latest raison d'etre is afternoon tea, which is a delightful meal which should happen every day regardless of what else is going on. I'm starting to realise that part of the thing with alcohol for me was the rituals that go along with it. Relaxation could only start when the wine made that noise that wine makes as it comes out of a bottle. Wine is aesthetically pleasing, appealing to all the senses in a way that a can of strong supermarket lager would not have been. Other drinks were for other occasions - today with all its sun, for example was a perfect G and T day.

So I seem to be trying to replace all that with other things - real coffee from my magic coffee maker in the morning (the water starts at the bottom, and then turns into coffee, by magic, in the top); afternoon tea in the, well, afternoon; the bottle of alcohol-free lager the second the kids go to bed.

And the thing about a new hobby is you need to make sure you've got all the right stuff. So I rescued some china teacups, saucers and plates from my parents' loft. And now the search for the perfect teapot is on. Stuck between a Bodum one (which would mean using real tea, and being able to stop it brewing just at the optimum point) and finding a vintage flowery china one (not Cath Kidston. I should like her stuff, but I just really, really don't). Or, more likely, both. I've already spent ages going round charity shops looking for milk jugs and sugar bowls. The fact that I take neither milk nor sugar is obviously irrelevant.

I did find this teapot. It is in the V and A Museum and is apparently based on a pig's skull. I defy anyone to look at it and not think mirkin.

Time for another recipe.

Cook some pasta. 

Put a smoked salmon fillet and some pepper strips and halved chestnut mushrooms onto the George Foreman.

When the salmon's cooked and the veg is chargrilled (burnt) drain the pasta and stir it together with some pesto and the veg. Any pesto will do, but I recommend whichever one Home Bargains is currently selling cheap.

Serve with a mug of tea. Any mug will do; it does not have to be as pretentious as this one.

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