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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Have legs, will run

I am listening to jo whiley while i write this, I don't want to change the misters fav radio 2 off or he will sulk. But she has been sent a 'shewee' for free. TIGHT, like she needs to use a shewee in her luxurious bbc van, private Winnebago and VIP back stage access. fool.

anyway I am just ranting cause I am undoubtedly going to get kidney cramp for queuing for shitty bogs at glastonbury next week. I can't complain cause I am going and the mighty, mighty morrissey is playing.

right, i did not want to run tonight, i told my plan to eff off and got in bed and read a chapter from my favourite crappy vampire romance novel and fell asleep next to the cat. I think these books I am reading are making me stupider, I shall of course start reading Dostoevsky immediately after I finish it.

then the boss man came in and told me I had to go for a run and pointed put if i don't go tonight I will fall behind and i haven't got time to run later in the week cause of open days and visitors and booze and curry and stuff.

so then I used some emotional blackmail on myself, like I've got legs and some people haven't therefore I should use them.

So i ran faster than the plan said cause I have one running speed only, you could set your watch by me. so I purposely tried to slow down cause the plan said and cause my legs hurt from all this shagging running. please don't misread that last sentence - it does not read shagging and running, rather shagging running which is equally if not more tiring.

But the local bloody running team were out and running well fast past me, so my pride pushed me up a couple of gears cause I didn't want to look like an amateur in front of them. all 200 of them (50 really) decided to cross the little bridge as I was coming across in the opposite direction.

I could see them judging me with their eyes because I had my Sheffield hallam university (boing boing - you need to have gone to hallam to get that) t-shirt on and it's not wicking.

So that was embarrassing but then when I got to the end of the huddle Geoff Beattie was there and he smiled and said hello to me. So this leads me to believe he either:

1. reads this blog - which makes Kath and I famous
2. has seen me about the university and recognises me and smiles at me just to be nice
3. remembers me meeting him at a xmas staff party 5 years ago - I asked him to put on my santa hat, sadly he refused
4. lastly, he just smiles at people - this is the more credible possibility

whichever it is Kath is choking on her panini with jealousy right now.

then new kids on the block 'hanging tough' came on my ipod and so I laughed out loud at the beat boxing on it. some dog walkers saw this laughter and no doubt they now think i am a little crackers. so I now pledge to laugh out loud some more whilst on runs, I like the effect it has on other folks.

btw - it is all about Joey - FIT

if you don't know who NKOTB are then you are too young to read this blog or you are too old, in that case you should like them cause the Bay City Rollers are hardly a decent boyband

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