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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers Day

This week has been super busy, I have been pretty optimistic about completing all of these runs and then loads of stuff happened. Like University Open Days and swimming lessons and cute little cousins and their cute little mates staying over and then the fella's dad staying over.

So not only did I do my friday 8km run, I eat pizza and curry and then chinese take away yesterday - it was fathers day and my dad likes chinese curry a lot.

So the plan was to make up the missed 8km run today which is supposed to be my rest day because I would be missing at least another 2 runs when I go glastonbury on thursday. I'll be making them up the following week.

It's all gone to shit now because I am hurt.

It started like this, I got up yesterday with a red wine headache cause big Bob (the misters dad) had been buying me red wine at the curry the night before. I then fed the lads a full english - yes, I had one myself in anticipation of my forthcoming 12km run.

Big Bob looks like since he grew an epic white beard

If you don't know who Michael Mcdonald is then watch this, probably one of the best movie scenes ever.

Then I went to Thelwall to my mum and dads and I took my running gear cause I wanted a change of scenery. So my paps drove me to Dunham Massey which was about 5 miles away so I could run down the trans pennine path back to thelwall.

It was proper nice, check it out.

and the best bit was the old man got on his push bike and came and met me at Lymm and rode alongside me for an epic 7km. So that was rocking and the best way to spend a fathers day.

When we getting to the end of the trail my f****&%^$ ipod switched itself off so I knew I had done at least 8.5km but I dont know how long it had been off for. Then my hip started to ache and by the last 1km my knee was smarting too.

I didnt do 12km in the end, I thought I had but when I plotted it on mapmyrun it came out at 11km (see below). What a shitter.

Me and the paps and ma then had a special chinese banquet thingy and I went home leaving him to watch the golf. Last I saw he was getting very excited cause some irish man child was 15 under par.

I now CANNOT walk down stairs because of my knee, I haven't tried up stairs yet.

I dont know what to do now. Do I cancel tonights (top up) run and rest, I am also scared I cant make Tues and Weds runs now which mean I will be a whopping 5 runs behind by the time I come back from Glasto.

decisions, decisions.

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