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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ever Decreasing Circles

My local leisure centre has decided to trial outdoor circuit training sessions, and the first one is tonight. It is free, so naturally I’m going. I can add the money saved to all the other savings I’ve made this week by picking up bargains.

I have no idea what circuit training is. I did once ask Nikki (who is the proper runner from work who is now also doing this half marathon. I’d say “with us” but it’s more “a long way in front of us”), but I don’t think I can have listened to her answer. I remember it’s not just running round in circles, but nothing beyond that.

I’ve read somewhere that Madonna prepares for her workouts by eating jam on toast so she gets a quick sugary burst of energy and some slower burning carbs. I’ve gone a step further and had an afternoon tea, which I’m sure does the same job, but is much nicer. Madonna obviously hasn’t thought of it – perhaps I should email her?

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