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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Beware of balls

Now what I don't like about this sign is the responsibility placed on the pedestrian. Like if they hit you with a 'winged' golf ball then it's your fault because you didn't read the sign.

Surely the sign should be facing the golf course and say something like this...

"Be aware of pedestrians on footpath minding their own business"
"Don't aim at the humans"
"If you're a shit shot, get out of here"

Just a thought!

Anyway, I am smug cause I ran 8.5k super fast last night just like my plan told me to. Though the plan didn't also say I would be walking like a bare back horserider the next day.

I am sat at work with a hot water bottle on my hip.

Check these little guys out below, I don't know if they are swans or big ducks. Maybe they are Swucks. Anyway they had lots and lots of babies. Well cute.

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  1. THEY'RE CANADIAN GEESE - would have thought an ex knutsford type ladeee like you would know that! Hee hee... keep running - they can hurt real much.


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