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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


12K mo fo's! That's right - I am ace. First run post glasto. In fact this is the longest I have run since I was on crutches three years ago.

And it was hot.

Now I am not going to lie, my knee locked in the last km and I was kind of waddling like a ducky but I still made it.

I went a weird arse way, here's my journey.

Past the Horse and Jockey - without stopping for a drink

Down Beech road to check out the posers sat outside the bars. I later joined them.

Down to the cemetery - I decided I wanted to find Tony Wilson's grave and pay him my respects but it was a fools plan cause I had no idea where it was. So I just said hello to my nana and grandad instead.

I took this photo by mistake whilst still running, if you look carefully you can see my little varicose vein bulging. On that note I just want to thank the NHS for advising me that the massive painful one on the back of my leg was cosmetic and that there was nothing they could do. Despite correcting my mates via laser in a private clinic whilst I had to pay £450 to get rid of my fecker via a lesser means because I couldn't afford laser and mine might come back. Yeah - thanks

NHS I am sorry. I am grateful to you really for saving my Mum's life, keeping my old dad plodding along and patching up my feet and arms when I break them due to inebriation and general stupidness, instability and through sport.

How cool is this grave, I want the same one. Oscar is the best name too, rest in peace sir.

Past the war memorial

Then I went through Chorlton up to Whalley Range and back home via Longford park.

Then I drank half a bottle of wine outside a bar on Beech Road and ruined it.

Then I might have accidentally got massively drunk again last night on backpay funds and also might have by mistake eaten two chicken burgers and two lots of chips (one whilst out and one lot off the bus) but then I ran into work in the morning to make up for it. They shouldn't put lifts in mirrors cause I nearly threw up when I saw myself. And a big thank you to UoM for the freezing shower this morning.

yum - hangover lunch. I know, I disgust myself too.

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