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Monday, 9 May 2011


Kath is right to be smug. Drinking is BAAAAD.

Though I have been working hard, I played a bit too hard on Saturday. It was my mates 30th and we went the dogs, it was a triffic night and much merriment was had by all.

I had my photo taken with 'Boris the spider' because i know the owner - Mr Bennett (one of the University of Manchester's finest porters/rulers). He was lovely, a beautiful doggie.

But I thought for some stupid reason that I would drink cider and black. Honestly, I don't know what came over me. I have a yeast intolerance for a start and I haven't drunk that concoction since 2004 in the Fuzz Club, Sheffield. That night didn't end well either because I wore white and threw the sickly purple stuff down my top no doubt whilst dancing to Pulp 'Common People'. There could not be a more fitting song.

Kath and I swam 1 mile in open water on saturday morning so all good work was undone. I was rough as a badger yesterday and after a disco nap I thought I better get myself out and get another swim in.

I couldn't face proper food so I had once of those fancy lemon cupcakes Asda does (yellow label of course - I am my Father's daughter). You know, those fit ones with the icing daisy on top they have in the advert. At least I think the daisy was edible.

Well that didn't sit well.

Swam just under a mile in the aquatics, when I drove home everything looked fuzzy. Got in and yipped in the toilet.

Bad Sam - I here on pledge that not another sip of alcohol (*cider especially) will pass my lips before the Swim.

To be fair there is less than a week now so you'd hope I would be able to do it.

Hmmmm, we will see. It's Jo Jolley's birthday party on Friday so I have a mountain to climb.
Happy Birthday Jo Jolley, disability coordinator extraordinaire!

6 days left - i feel sick again now.

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