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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

must put trainers on but brian wilson is tinkling on telly

so I am sat on my bed thinking about going the gym. i am seriously thinking about it. it's just brian wilson just came on the 'one show' and i love him. Now, there is a man in desperate need of Moodswings support.

so that is my excuse for the next few minutes not to go, cause well he might come on and play any minute. and he might play gershwin - i was brought up on that - ish. my mum loves gershwin.

i will go, just let me have brian on first. the cat's not helping - taunting me with his blissful cute sleep. I want to be him. all he does is sleep and munch on chicken and get told he's handsome about a gazillion times a day.

oh my brian's on...........ahhhhhhhhh

here he is back in a more beautiful era......

Now this isn't a great recording but I love it cause they all have beards and Dennis Wilson is hot, even though he was a mess pot and is clearly tripping.

I saw Brian Wilson at V a few years ago, or was it Glastonbury? I can't remember I was pretty drunk at both. I can remember this though, he was immense.

Somebody tell me to put my trainers on now please.


  1. Put your trainers on now please

  2. thanks mags, i did. i ran 5k and then i did 150 sit up bar things and 250 reps on the resistance machines.


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