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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Kath goes up the world, and back down again

Thought I’d better put in an appearance on this blog thing - that Sam's putting me to shame. Again.

Seem to have been fairly busy recently, what with all this training and everything.  I managed to join a fairly swish healthclub free for a day while in London for the weekend. They realised I wasn't terribly serious about the whole signing up to their membership thing fairly quickly - not sure if it was the accent or the lack of designer garb that gave me away first. Whatever, they abandoned the hard sell and just directed me to the pool after a couple of  minutes. 

I went swimming in the Quays again last night, and am going back again tonight.  In between times I'm still desperately trying to learn to swim in my local pool, and gymming and eating as much as possible to build up my muscles.

So, Esporta and the Quays - compare and contrast (feel like I'm doing my O Levels. That's GCSEs for those of Sam's generation)

Opening Ceremonies

Salford Quays was opened by Queen Victoria in 1894 for a meaningful purpose – nicking trade from Liverpool.  Nice one.  

Esporta Chiswick was opened fairly recently, presumably by someone who works for Esporta, to tempt Oil company types to work on an industrial estate instead of central London. Maybe they should consider exercising by leaving their cars at home? Then they wouldn't have to work anywhere. Just, you know, a thought.

Changing facilities

Heated, clean and, well, INSIDE at Esporta. 

In a tent with the sides flapping in the breeze at very crucial moments at the Quays. I put several  Coronation St stars off their tea in their apartments overlooking the canal last night..


Heated, and chlorinated, and transparent with “atmospheric” lighting at Esporta (this means they can't be bothered changing the lightbulbs). 

Freezing, dirty and opaque at The Quays. There are allegedly fish in it. Suicidal ones maybe.


Private, hot showers INSIDE with free shampoo, shower gel and towels at Esporta. Mind this isn't going to be sufficient toiletries for any woman I know. Who doesn't use a hot oil treatment, conditioner, moisturiser, eye cream, body cream, deodorant, Frizz Ease and appropriate hair styling products after a swim? Take one bottle into the shower when it's possible to take 17? 

A hosepipe with a shower attachment on the end attached to a lamppost in the carpark at Salford Quays.


Ladies What Lunch in Chiswick lounging about on sunloungers reading next to a chlorinated indoor pool at Esporta. Brilliant way of spending a sunny Saturday morning. Gutted I didn't arrange to meet them another time.

Corrie stars with their binoculars trained on the women’s changing tent at the Quays. 

The one thing they have in common is the type of question the staff ask in that particular way sporty people have of talking. “So what are you working on today?” I told them both that I was working on my stamina, which sounds an appropriately sporty word to use. It’s not true. I’m mainly concentrating on not drowning. The rest is a bonus.

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