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Friday, 6 May 2011

happy friday

I don’t know this is a happy Friday because this is the second to last Friday before the big splash and it is the gateway to a weekend of more bloody training.

I am going to go Belle Vue dogs on Sat for me mates birthday and spend loads of pennies and get a bit drinky. Happy Birthday Jenny x

We are swimming in Salford Quays at 9am on Saturday morning, the thought of it is making me feel sick. Saturday mornings are generally reserved for bacon, hangovers and ‘This Morning Saturday’. Not stupid swimming.

I did something silly on Tues, I thought I was well’ard and I tried to lift a few too many arm weights in a desperate attempt to gain more muscle to pull me through the water. It backfired, well because I lifted too much and threw my neck out like a right amateur.

I couldn’t go into work, it was ‘proper’ bad. My Mum and Dad had to come round and feed me ice cream and co-codamol. You’ll be pleased to know now that I’M BACK and rocking again. I went swimming last night, it hurt a little but I think it helped loosen it all up. Though no one told me you shouldn’t swim when you’ve had lots of codeine. I was kind of a bit slow, it was like swimming through a milkshake with lots if unicorns dancing round. And I swallowed so much water I was burping chlorine for a few hours afterwards. Lucy my swimming instructor kept on looking at me funny too and kept asking me if I was alright, I felt pretty good, a bit like candy floss in fact.

No opiates for me today, just some brown tablets –I feel super. The whole not being able to move and feed myself put me back a couple of days but I reckon I am back on track.

So this leads nicely to this Friday’s track, I have decided to bin the water related theme. I wanted a song that describes how I feel about the swim.

The Smiths - I Started Something I ... by samithemenace

The Smiths have a song for every mood. Bless you Sir Moz – King of Men x

Happy Weekend!

Oh and on a personal note – welcome to the world baby Eric Walker Ward. The world always needs new Ward’s. We all forgive you for not continuing the ginger legacy cause you have like the coolest name ever.

I’m pretty certain he was named after this guy

Congratulations Ste and Nicole! x x

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