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Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Great Salford Swim 2011 part 1

We did it!

And yes, Kath beat me. By 2 mins 15 seconds. She whooped me, though in my defence I had to stop a few times in the first half mile because my goggles failed me. I also swallowed pints of water when little waves flew over my head and had a massive panic. Kath kept her cool and swam right through.

this is kath laughing at me - how cruel. just cause she looks better in a wetsuit

But I concede, she beat me. The scores go like this..

1st place. Kath Henderson with 38 mins on the nose
2nd place. Sam Ward with 40 mins and 15 seconds

We smashed our target which was 45 mins, we could have swam in the sub 50 wave. Who would have thumped it?!?

some action shots of me, sorry there are some of kath to follow when Mags emails them to me

this is one of 3 epic goggle fails

I got stuck behind some blue peter presenter so no doubt I will be on telly. My dad reckons so anyway.Yey - so happy to finish. My legs then went to jelly and I had to be lifted out by two kind chaps

Thanks to all the DSO and Moodswings dudes and family who came to support us.
Thanks to you folk for your generous donations and kind words.
Thanks to all you fella's and lasses who have been reading our blog from all over the world including the US, Italy, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Belarus, Israel, Switzerland and many more.

We are now pizza'd up, hypothermic, stinking like cold poo soup and still sticky from neck lube. what a day!

so this is me after I found out kath beat me


There is still time to donate if you want to, remember this is about Moodswings and the terrific work they do.

For Tom and Linda and their team of superstars

p.s. get well soon major tom

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