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Sunday, 15 May 2011

The day of reckoning...

The Internet ate my last post. I suspect Sam of bringing down the whole of Google Blogger across the world to bring my stats down. If you didn't read it then it was witty, pithy and dead intelligent - definitely my best ever. If you did then I guess you know it wasn't

Well, today's the day. Oh good.

I've carried out my last minute preparations. 

1) I had my hair cut yesterday. Admittedly it's likely that I'll be wearing a minging bright yellow swimming hat in any photos, but please remember that underneath my hair is sleek and immaculately styled. 

2) Took yesterday off exercising. Somebody told me I should take it easy in the run up to the event and I followed this advice to the letter. Admittedly it was Sam, who wants nothing more than to beat me. Not that anybody but Sam has any doubt that she will, by a margin of anything up to two weeks. She is younger, fitter and, fairly crucially, knows how to swim. I think having swimming lessons beforehand is cheating personally.

Oh, dear, how did that picture of Sam get in there again?

3) Ate my own bodyweight in takeaway curry last night. This will build up my muscles and will not make me sink and drown. If I say it enough times it'll make it true.

4) Distracted myself by watching Eurovision with some friends. My first sober Eurovision - surely the biggest milestone yet. Where is Azerbajan anyway? Moldova - you were robbed.


5) Just off now to breakfast on low fat yoghurt, dried fruit and seeds. And maybe a chocolate Hobnob flapjack, or even two.

Sooooo looking forward to the end! Off for pizza in Pizza Express afterwards. I'm even going to eat the crusts.

Massive amounts of luck to Sam! And thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored us. We are stunned by how much has been raised - people have been so generous. I hope you all know you don't get it back if I drown.

Tom from Moodswings pointed out that in previous times I would have been pretty much permanently drunk in the run up to this swim. He is wrong - see it does happen. I wouldn't have been doing the swim at all. So thanks Tom, and Moodswings. This is all your fault.

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