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Thursday, 12 May 2011

3 days to go...

yes, it's true I did only bring one flip flop last night along with my pj bottoms and a used facewipe. I did forget my goggles. My swimsuit was still wet so I had to wear my bikini as well - like wrapping cheese wire round a raw pork leg.

What was rubbish was I asked the Uswim folk how much they sold their goggles for - £15. Are you having a laugh, I bought my super duper ones for 8 quid. So they kindly said they would lend me a pair from the lost property.

She only went and gave me a pair of kids goggles didn't she, which cut the blood supply off to the bridge of my nose which means I now have a dead nose and a little bruise in between my eyes which I have had to cover which very thick super Mac make up. And everything went blurry in them.

Dave, the coach guy who gave Kath the useful swimming/dancing tips very kindly saw I was struggling and gave me another pair which were wonderful - and I could see in (I kept on swimming into walls and people in the others). What a nice guy I thought and helpful. Ahhhhh

We swum the full length of this twice last night.

So, the BBC were there last night filming. If you saw Northwest tonight you may have caught a glimpse of Kath or my tiny little heads in the far distance.Here's the link - there is no way to tell which one is us. I would like to claim I was the show off who dove in but I don't know how to dive.

Click here if you want to watch - see it is effing freezing and looks it. You can drag the little play thing at the bottom until you see water. You will also get to see Dave.

Kath fancies Tony Livesey, I think I do as well. He's very tall and he looks nails.

Kath and I swam loads last night, we even swam under the bridge and round. I think I did just under 2k, I couldn't tell you how far Kath did as she bolted off as soon as she hit the water. Mumbling something about dancing or swimming, something angry anyway.

So last night was a reasonable success, I was really cold. Some other ginger guy told me he had to get out because he got 'lock jaw'. I couldn't stand up straight after I got out and fell completely over trying to put my tights on in the tent. It took 4 attempts, at last I realised if I sit down then I won't fall over. Then one of the channel swimmers told me that your balance gets all messed up when you swim on 3 and you get disorientated - damn right. I can stand straighter after 6 shots of sambuca.

My Mum thought this was hilarious of course and laughed at me. She also told me when I was in the water one of the lads accidently went in the girls changing tent and got heckled and laughed at. He was much more embarrassed she said.

this is where my mum and dad sat and watched.

My Dad also shouted to me in the water about how fast Kath was and I need to get going, he also lied and said she did 3 laps cause he knew I would get all competitive like and do more. He was right of course and now I am knackered and want to go to sleep on my desk.

I'm going to miss Dave. I don't know what Kath's problem is, I also dance like I swim and it works fine for me. In fact I like to think I am dancing in the water - yeah graceful. Just like this.....

YEAH, dancing in your chair is the best when your so drunk you stood out in terrential rain and don't actually care that your hair is like a birds nest.

3 days to go - sh!t.

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