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Saturday, 14 May 2011

17 hours to go...

I am very, very scared. I have had some bad karma today and I am not feeling great. some girl robbed my purse out of my bag last night and everything has gone downhill since then.

to make matters worse i have a massive headache. it'll be fine though, WON'T IT. Tell me it will be fine, please.

so this has spooked me....

images are from the Great Swim Facebook page

If anyone fancies coming to watch you need to head down to Salford Quays for midday. The Manchester 10K is also running so it's a great day for sport. A lot of the roads will be closed so I recommend you get the tram and take the "Harbour City" stop as the start of the swim is right next to Media City.

Good luck to all those running, I am sad to miss it this year. And super luck to little Sarah Leechy who is running the Lempster Half Marathon tomorrow, sorry Leominster Half.

i managed to only take one flip flop again to my last swimming training session, this does not bode well. i am truly a plank.

I guess these are the last words of a condemned woman - as usual I feel i should use someone elses to really emphasise how I am feeling. So, I leave you with the greatest band ever....

Thanks for all your support and donations - love Sammy x x x x

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  1. Swim Sam swim! You can do it and we will all be shouting very loudly for you tomorrow! Love and good luck little star xxxx


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