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Monday, 11 April 2011

Why I am swimming the Great Salford swim

Check out the fat photo of me. The other lady in the photo is my Mum. She walked 10k that night and I stood back and watched her. This is Mum only couple of years after surviving renal cancer. She is a few pounds lighter from losing a kidney. Mama Ward kicked off this whole charity thing for me.

Some of you may be aware I only learnt how to swim 18 months ago.

For the past 3 years I have ran the Manchester 10k and last year I ran the Salford 10K as well. I was aiming for a 10k triple last year but I hurt my foot after completing two.

Before that I ran the ‘Race for Life’; I am not a runner. I am a competitive person and I only enjoy sport when I can fling myself at something or someone. I was mildly okay at netball, though I used to get sent off all the time. Apparently it’s not a contact sport, though it is when I’m playing.

Running and swimming is not something that I am built for, I am extremely successful at eating, drinking, internet shopping and passing out at festivals. But that’s the point, what’s the point of asking you folks to give us money when it’s easy. It needs to be a challenge.

So here are the reasons I am doing this swim thing -

1. A thank you to Moodswings for helping so many of our staff and students manage life better with a mental illness.

2. Shame – My Mum completed a 5k race for life and a 10k walk two years after surviving renal cancer when at the time I couldn’t walk to the end of the road without getting out of breath.

3. Because it makes me feel a little better about myself, I know that's selfish but at least I am honest. My mental wellbeing and my health has improved since I have started completing charity races.

I just want to extend a big thank you to you all for the support that Kath and I have had so far. This is a challenge for the both of us and we have had overwhelming support from you all.

Not to mention the generous donations. It really means a lot to us both.

Here are some old photo's of from previous charity events -

At the start of the Great Manchester Run and my first 10k. I ran it in 56 mins something, I managed to shave a minute and a bit off the next year.

Me after the 10k. I had lost 3 stone since the photo at the top was taken 18 months previously. Unfortunatly a stone of that fat has come back and I am currently carrying it around in my bingo wings and on my thighs.

Papa Ward and I 2 months after the Manchester 10k, I had secured a place in the Great North Run (half marathon) through the Red Cross. Unfortunatly, I picked up a stress fracture whilst training. My dad had a hip replacement at the same time hence the matching crutches.

Swimming is pretty injury-proof I reckon, though I have some serious concerns about drowning.

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  1. Loving the blog and the pics...oh and no way do you look 3 stone heavier in the top piccie. Camouflage all the way for me for Summer 2011...


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