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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What the postie brought...

Look what the postie brought me today, sexy huh. I have a full body shot but you don't want to see that, it more humiliating than this photo if you can believe it. I am prepared to be embarrassed in the name of charity.

I tell you something, it's pigging hot and trying to get into it is comparable to stuffing an aubergine in a prophylactic.

This bad boy set me back £130, I am super broke now. I am seriously considering selling a kidney.

So sorry I haven't posted anything in a few days, I have lost momentum and I am aware my posts are no way as funny as Kath's. That's why I am desperately trying to temp you all back with an awful wetsuit photo.

But I have been training. I ran Saturday and today....check it out below. I am training at least 4 times a week and 5 on a good week. I am mixing up runs and swims to try and shift the tub, I am also trying to tone my arms with weights but sadly it seems to be bulking them out and I am starting to look like a WWE wrestler, the lady ones that is.

So here's a running tip for you, don't forget your socks because this is what will happen if you do. Yeah, you might think I am soft but what you can't see is there is another blister hiding under that sucker.

And here is something completely unrelated, the only feedback I have had so far on my posts is that I have a super cute cat. Of course I know this already and the boy does love to pose.
So here's a couple more Morrissey shots for you.

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