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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Things that annoy me about not drinking...

1) Getting ID’ed for buying non-alcoholic lager.  Cobra Zero is called Cobra Zero because it has 0% alcohol in it. Why, then, does the self service machine tell me I need approval to buy it? I don’t have the same problem with orange juice, or even coffee, which is actually bad for you and stuff. And yes, someone actually did ask if I was over 25 the other day. Just thought I’d mention it, in case there was someone I hadn’t told.

2) Barstaff who actually laugh at me when I ask if they sell non-alcoholic lager. Particularly if they look about 12 and need a haircut. Yes, barman at the Bolton Soundhouse, I do mean you. 

3) People who worry themselves to death because I’m ‘just’ having a glass of water. I like water. I don’t like coke. I am not being a martyr.

4) The word sobriety, particularly when preceded by the word ‘my’. I’ve found myself using it a couple of times, and it’s just one of those words which belongs on daytime TV, and with which Americans seem much more comfortable.

5) Not drinking. I’d bloody love a drink. Now would be good.  I’ve spent the day swimming and gardening, and it’d be lovely to have a glass of wine or two. Except, of course, I then wouldn’t spend next weekend either swimming or gardening. Ah well. 

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  1. your best post yet. i fear for my post stats now.


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