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Saturday, 9 April 2011


Oh my god, Manchester is glorious today. I can't tell you how fantastic it was around the water park this morning.

I saw a butterfly and a pheasant not to mention the usual ducks and swans
. I just ran 7.5k but I wished I had carried on now. I am roasting, I'm going to get back out there in a minute and show these ginger white legs some more sun.

I have included a few photee's from along the way.

It's the Grand National this afternoon - my paps has given me some tips (he is a gambler by trade). I have bet on 5 horses. I couldn't help putting a quid on 'Oscar time', anyone who shares a name with Oscar Wilde is winner in mind.

Good luck to all those with a bet on!!


  1. There's nothing finer than Manchester in the sunshine. Hope you got some tanning and won some pennies...!

    Kazza xx

  2. Well done on all that training Sam, you're incredible.


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