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Monday, 2 May 2011

sam's running essentials

I'm not a runner nor a swimmer ( I only learnt how to swim about 18 months ago). But if you decide to start running there are some things you should know first. I learnt the hard way.

1. trainers - make sure you get the right ones for your gait. what is gait you say?
gait is how you walk/run and we all have our own way. some of us are 'neutral', some 'pronate' and some 'over-pronate'.

i pretty much run like this.....

you don't need to know what any of this means you just need to know if your going to start running you need to find out the right trainers for your gait otherwise you will screw you feet up royal like i did. see here.

good running shops like 'sweatshop' can test your gait by asking you to walk and trot a little on a treadmill. they will then recommend the best style of trainers for you.

also, consider getting half a size up from your normal size as feet swell when running and when they're are hot

2. kit - get yourself a 'wicking' top, it draws moisture away from your skin and make the whole sweaty experience much more comfortable. Most replica football shirts are wicking.

3. lube up - that's right. chaffing/chapping or whatever you want to call it is gross and sore. boys you might like to rub a little vaseline around those mammaries. around your toes or anywhere you tend to get blisters.

4. sunscreen - I use P20 which is a sun filter and is the only thing that stops this ginger skin burning. if you are fair like me get on it, you will not go back. it is expensive but worth it, you can actually tan a little from this stuff.

5. sunglasses - cause of the obvious and because it hides some of your sweaty moon face. good for checking out people without them noticing too.

6. Drink - if you are running more than 5k then think about taking a drink with you. there is nothing worse than getting dehydrated when on a long run and it also gives you an excuse to take a little break. i cannot run and drink, I end up coughing and spitting it all over myself and then I spend the rest of the run burping. So i tend to stop and stretch for a minute or so and have a drink.

It doesn't have to be a fancy sports drink either, cordial is good or water. fancy sports drinks are more for long distance runners - people who are training for marathons and half marathons. weirdo's.

7. ipod - i cannot live without it, it is a life saver. gets me through long runs and even better I have nike+ , it tracks how long you have run, calories etc. it tells you what mile/kilometre your on so you can plan your run. and if you have been really good and cracked a personal best then paula radcliffe or lance armstrong tell you at the end of the run. awesomeness.

8. hairband - tie your hair back if its long and pin your fringe, it will just make you hotter get on your nerves and curl up from the moisture, no one looks sexy running, get over it. if you live where i live and go running on sunny weekends you are likely to run into every pretentious, scenester dog walker in south manchester. work colleagues, mates and inevitably an ex.

under no circumstances run past a busy outside pub area on a sunny bank holiday, they think you are a tool for running when you should be as cool as them socialising and admiring each other and you feel like a tit for not thinking about it and taking that short cut in order to get home so you can rub tiger balm into your trio of mosquito bites on the back of your thigh that you have been trying to (unsuccessfully) scratch whilst running then tripping over.

do what i do, run fast pretend you didn't see them, hope to god they didn't see you with a ribena face, snot on your sleeve cause you forgot your tissue, milk bottle legs and throbbing varicose veins. making gasping asthmatic pants.

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  1. Ha Ha! You forgot unshaven legs!!


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