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Monday, 18 April 2011

monday monday

I DID NOT want to go back to work today. This weekend had the best weather, there is something strange going on in Manchester because we had sunshine!

All over the north west people are wandering round with squinted eyes, bewildered saying - "sunshine?!? - what is this sunshine you speak of? Is it this light I see outside?

(I imagine they are saying it in the voice of 'Tubs' from the League of Gentleman)

I was a bad Sam last week, I only swam once and I only ran twice but to try and make up for my shortfall I did run that 10k on saturday that I promised I would.

Every chuffin' part of my body is hurting right now, especially my thighs and bum. The bum bit is especially painful because after running 5k yesterday I decided to enjoy the sun some more and get on my push bike and ride up to Alexander Park in Whalley Range to meet a friend.

I love my little retro bike, it's well cute but the seat was designed by an evil arse hating man who wants cause you pain every time you try to lower your bottom onto a chair.

Going to the toilet is a sensitive issue as well, being seated hurts but also the act of lowering myself onto a seat is making my thighs kill. Getting up too, not fun. I have been using the toilet roll holder as a hand rail whilst muttering proper horrible pain induced expletives.

That's not all, I got sun burnt from the run and have racer back red stripes on my shoulder. I had forgotten about this until I sprayed perfume on this morning, I made some kind of horrid noise that made the cat jump off the bed and draw his claws.

So I HAD to go to Marriott's Cafe on Oxford Road and get one of their super fit salads with hummous. It is mighty fine, I wish I could have shown you a before photo but I couldn't wait and troffed it in about 1 minute.

Their hummous is the best, I want to swim in it with my mouth open. A one mile swim in it even. MMmmmmmm

Oh and then there is the muffins - Mmmm cherry sexiness with a sugar top. Do I sound like a M&S food advert? Can you here Serge Gainsbourg in the background?

I don't care what you think of me right now, I needed that muffin. I worked hard on Saturday and on the 5k run on Sunday.

And if you still think bad of me then check this out. This is from my Nike+ account which logs the number of Kilometers I run. I don't always use it on a run and I have had some breaks of the last 3 years due to plaster casts and christmas eating, being drunk and other such excuses.

But look, I am in the 1000k club!!! Oh yeah! I think I have to run another 1000 to get to the next stage. I am blue stage now, it is tainted as I support United and well we all know what happened on Saturday. Let's not talk about it, okay. Good.

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