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Monday, 25 April 2011

Kath's new training and diet regime

Right, so after a pretty disastrous start to outdoor swimming, I’m trying to work on my swimming technique, or at least try to develop one. I found my local pool does sessions with swimming teachers in attendance to give you advice on your swimming. Well, to be honest, I’ve known this for ages, but it goes against absolutely every instinct I have in the world to go and ask for help. My ex-partner, friends, relatives and boss will all confirm this, possibly at some length, with varying degrees of exasperation/bitterness.  

Amazing how the prospect of drowning in Salford can change the habits of a lifetime.

There just seem to be one or two things I have trouble with:  

Breathing. This would seem to be pretty key to pretty much everything, and I am therefore quite surprised I haven’t noticed this before. I’ve found that once you start concentrating on breathing it is quite difficult to do, so I spent my first couple of sessions at the pool in a state of panic, which I’ve found doesn’t help AT ALL. Today was better, but I’m still swallowing a considerable amount of the pool, and I’d like to work really quite hard on not doing this before I get back into the Quays.

Swimming. Apparently I just need to do an S shape as I move my arms, and make the stroke longer, and make both arms apply the same amount of force, and go in a straight line. No problem at all to someone with my degree of coordination then.  People actually couldn’t tell when I was drunk (other than the increase in complete twaddle I talked), as I am equally clumsy sober.

Dealing with the cold. I am a complete sun-worshipper, and, given that I live in the North West, spend 363 days of the year wrapped in layer after layer of cardigans. I’m actually looking forward to being old enough to tuck a tartan travel rug round my knees permanently, and I’m thinking of applying to get my electric blanket turned into a god so other people could worship it too. When I’m cold, which is always, my body is very tense, and it is difficult to move with any degree of ease.

Body strength.  A friend I hadn’t seen in too long has pointed out that not only have I lost a lot of fat over the last few months, but also a lot of muscle, despite swimming/gymming four times a week. Apparently not only can I not breathe or move, I'm also not competent at eating. I have therefore been saint-like today and eaten the following:

Two slices of toast with lots of nutritious and delicious seeds in, with butter (I need the calories) and Marmite, which is definitely good for something or other.

(Hats off to me for finding a cute cat in a pic of Marmite, seeing as Sam strongarmed so many in her post yesterday.)

A Gu chocolate moussey thingy. This was a fuel-boost before swimming, and very sensible indeed. It was also the nicest thing I’ve ever eaten, with the possible exception of the chocolate cheesecake and cream I had last night.

A griddled chicken breast (low fat) in a granary roll (good for you) with coleslaw (vegetables) and rocket (green).

A chocolate Hobnob flapjack, which is 41% oats, which are probably a slow-release carbohydrate. It also specifically mentions on the packet that they are baked, which is much healthier than frying chocolate flapjacks.

So pizza (without the crusts) will be fine for tea then.

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