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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Kath finally starts training.......

Well, my second night without alcohol was very long. The kids went to bed, I poured myself a glass of Ribena (lots of websites recommend sugary drinks when withdrawing from alcohol) and sat and looked determined. All evening. If you want to give up drinking you may want to practise this expression in the mirror a bit first.

The next day I felt great when I woke up. It is probably overstating the case to say you could count on one hand the number of times I'd not drunk on two consecutive nights in the last ten years. It implies there may have been as many as five occasions.... Anyway, I got up and went swimming, and was home in time for my appointment with the nurse at 8.45. She wasn't as congratulatory as she might have been, but with hindsight she may have been slightly worried about me swimming whilst off my head on Librium.

Undeterred I returned the following morning, swam, and signed up for a gym induction in the afternoon. I'd never been in a gym before, and I figured 22nd December was a good time to start. That way I could fall off all the machines without a huge audience, and look like I was an old-hand by the time the New Year's Resolution people started appearing a couple of weeks later.

Yes, I know it's a pretty lame reason to use a cute cat pic, but I really haven't got much pride left. Sam's well overtaken me in the blog readership recently, so I need all the ploys I can get. I still won't sink to the depths of posting a pic of me in my wetsuit, though.

The gym was fairly deserted, and the instructor, who had presumably expected to spend the afternoon scoffing mince pies in the staffroom, was very good natured about not doing. He still keeps an eye on how I'm doing, and often introduces me to new, nervous recruits to the gym. He says things like "This is Kath. She's doing really well - look how fast she's going. She can swim a mile too". The new recruits then glower at me, and leave, never to return. I've taken to putting my music on very loudly whenever he approaches to avoid this, but I did overhear him telling someone that I'm doing a Triathlon the other day. I confidently expect to have swum the Channel and run a Marathon by the end of the month.

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