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Monday, 4 April 2011

Kath and Sport

It should be explained that I am not in any way a sporty person. 

This pre-dates the drinking. I played tennis without a racquet for two years at School. I stood about chatting, and then threw the ball out and sauntered off to collect it whenever the teacher came round. And I never even slightly pretended to master the rudiments of lacrosse. It looked flipping frightening from where I stood, shivering and hoping the ball came absolutely nowhere near me. How chucking a cricket ball around at head height in fishing nets is even legal is beyond me. (That's fishing nets, not fishnets, just to be clear. Even my School didn't make us do that, though probably only because they didn't think of it.)

I've got through most of my adult life without repeating the ritual humiliation of exercising. A couple of aerobics classes in my early 20s confirmed I still had no coordination or aptitude for following instructions. I missed the whole gym revolution thing because I had stuff to do, or wine to drink anyway.

Anyway, yesterday I went to play badminton with one of my sons. We'd wanted to play on Saturday, but it was fully booked. What was different about now was I could book ahead for the following day knowing I wouldn't feel too appallingly hungover to play. Until I hesitated to make the booking I hadn't realised I actually didn't make plans, just in case, before. 

My son pretty comprehensively beat me at badminton. He practises at School, which is frankly not fair. At the end he was approached by some chap to say he was really good and should go along to a badminton club with a view to competing in a badminton league. As an afterthought the chap added, to me "And you could come along too. It doesn't matter at all about your standard".

Still not sporty then. AND I ache all over - I thought swimming was supposed to exercise all your muscles...

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  1. Class - love the guys comment! I like playing badminton - perhaps we should have a game? Especially now you can do planning.... Johanna


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