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Sunday, 24 April 2011

bank holiday friday

Happy easter! I'm not religious but I like to celebrate bank holidays with BBQ's!
I have been a massive heffer, troffing on burgers and other meat derivatives. I am more than disgusted with myself. The photo below shows my chunk, its pretty unflattering and I am posting it in order to shame myself into losing some weight before the big day.

so i need to get my lard out on a run today. i didnt make the saturday swim well cause i got a little confused and slept in. i had done 4 days in a row so i decided sat was my day off. the mister made me go for a 5k run with him friday morning and it was baking.

Man, I am pale. it's gross. can you believe that i actually have fake tan on my legs in this photo! there are actual anaemic people who look browner.

I am not inspiring myself to go out right now, the sun has just come out as well. i have had 2 cups of coffee which usually makes me foam at the mouth and tap my foot but even that isnt moving me. the cats the same, he won't wake up either the lazy boy - see........

Right, I am going upstairs right now and I am going to put my trainers on. once their on things tend to happen. i will not get sucked in by this columbo movie, i will not!

One last thing, Happy Birthday Our Kay
Love you like a kipper x x x x xx

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