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Thursday, 28 April 2011

happy thursday!

happy thursday, it's like friday today cause there is no work tomorrow - get in! so this isn't a water related track but it relates nicely to what kath and I experienced last night in Salford Quays (our second crack at open water swimming).

the water was apparently 15.5 degrees celsius, it didn't feel warmer than last week. there were some really lovely, friendly chaps there last night. one man swam the Great Salford Swim last year and told us what to expect, it was a little frightening but hey we know now. the ladyshapes don't seem to be as nice, they look us up and down like we don't belong there. but hey - we don't.

the eighties weren't too kind to the stones, the only one who comes across cool in this video is keith. i love his leopard print top. awesomeness.
i am going to have my haircut tonight, i want it took look like this......
it won't of course, it will probably look like this from all the stupid swimming....

Have a fantastic bank holiday, well done royal people for getting us an extra day off even though i find you to be pretty pointless and very expensive.

Big love - Sam x

photo's - sourced from google images and 'faithfull forever'


  1. Thanks for the link back. It's spelled Faithfull with two 'l' though, like in the URL and title of the blog. x Maggie / FF

  2. whoops, did know that. terribly sorry for my poor spelling - i will correct. i seem to spend a lot of time going back through posts and correcting spelings. time for an appointment with an educational psychologist i think. fantastic site x


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