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Thursday, 21 April 2011

first open water swim

Oh my, nothing could prepare Kath and I for our first dip in the Quays. It was flipping freezing, like Jack Frost is sucker punching your lungs.

Kath is a nut, she just jumped in. I had to slowly lower my extremities in one bit at a time.

So here are a few photos for you to enjoy.

See those floating things, we had to swim round them, brrr.

The highlight for me was when I swam round to the other side of the Quay, a load of teen types were sat at the side. I had me a little rest cause well wetsuits make you float quite well. As I popped my head out of the water I heard someone say "hiya".

I turned around and they were waving, how nice I thought. Then they shook a orange bag at me and shouted in their fine Manc accents - "Do you want a Doh' ritoh?".

I declined their kind offer on the basis that 'Doh' ritoh's' (as they called them) didn't float overly well and not to mention the fact that their structure (or should I say crispness) would be irreparably altered for the worst.

They tipped their top hats at me and waved me on while I desperately gasped my way back to the pontoon. I was half expecting them to throw bricks at me so I was pleasantly surprised when they offered me sustenance.

I love Salford, the natives are reet friendly.

RE: Open water swimming, it is bloody hard and Kath and I are proper bricking it.

Happy Bank Holiday Y'all!

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