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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

10 Things I like About Sam

Heeee - i have broken into kath's post and swapped the photo of me for a better one. there are plenty of bad photos of me on this blog so I am readdressing the balance. shhhh dont tell her!

1) She brought some leftover homemade Guinness cake into work once and what there was of it was really nice.

2) She selflessly does loads of Internet shopping to make me feel better about my own Internet shopping habit.

3) She made me feel absolutely brilliant about being 40 by having an extremely noisy nervous breakdown about being 30 the following day for the preceding three years. This in no way gave me a complex about my own change of decade.

4) She bears me no resentment that our boss and all her friends prefer me to her, which is why they’ve been reading my blogs so much more.

Bother. I was looking for a pic of my boss and me, then realised Sam has all these, and blackmails me with them regularly.

5) She’s been really supportive of me through all my various trials and tribulations over the last few months. Cheers Sam x.

God, did I say 10? I meant 5.

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