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Monday, 28 March 2011

swimming pool etiquette

1. don't go the pool with your partner for a marathon snog-a-thon and get in everyone’s way - get a room perverts
2. don't winge and tut when someone who is 'proper' swimming splashes a couple of drops at you whilst swimming front crawl round you and your boyfriends synchronised doggy paddle.
3. don't get in the pool if you don't want to get your hair wet.
4. don't kick people in the face, especially if they are super phobic of feet
5. make sure you remove all eye make up before entering the pool - my face made a kid cry last week
6. regularly check your explicit body parts are tucked away - lads do not swim in your white underwear - it becomes transparent when wet
7. don't wee in the pool - i would hope you are all practising this one already

I don't have Kath's wit or literary talent so you are all just going to have to put up with my more shallow posts.

Sunday I went to the aquatics centre for a swim. I got a mile in (32 lengths of the big boy pool - 50m). though the pool was like some gross swingers party, full of couples pashing in the water with their legs wrapped round each other.

please note - the only reason i made it out on sunday without quitting was because of Kath's brave and truly inspirational post. despite the fact she herself sacked the sunday swim off.

and I did this on saturday, it was slow but i had a poorly foot didn't i.

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