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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Midweek training


3 kilometre run at 8.5k per hour pace
5 x 50 reps of arm weights
100 sit up roller bar things
1 kilometre swim - front crawl whilst dodging amorous couples, I reckon that added a few meters to the distance.


1.36 kilometre swim

I can't say I have been good with food, I had a massive binge on jaffa cakes yesterday and right now I am feel pretty sick from throwing pizza and cheesecake down my throat like Augustus Gloop. I have no idea why I am not losing any weight or why the top half of my body seems to replicate that of a pre-pubescent boy?

I must lose some weight, they don't make wetsuits for girls with the figure of Danny Devito. I reckon the only way to stop me eating is wiring my jaw shut. Plus Kath is like a lanky dolphin and is likely to lap me on the big day, irrespective of the age gap.

On another note, did anyone watch this tonight?? I don't normally like Robson Green, I'm ashamed to say I laughed at him when he wore a pair of budgie smugglers and when he was on the brink of hypothermia. Maybe I have chlorine poisoning. Fast forward to 6 mins 25 secs for one of the best bits.

Wild Swimming Adventure - this actually makes me want to go wild water swimming around Britain. I get swept up with such fanciful ideas though. I'm capricious, it will never happen.

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