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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A new start....

And so the day dawned when I was to give up drinking. My final assessment with the NHS was done. This one had concluded that the nurse was safe to come to my house (which had been ascertained by her coming to my house and surviving...) and the necessary medication confirmed. I was to take Librium in decreasing doses over four days, followed by Campral for the next year. The Nurse was to come to my house and check on me and breathalyse me over the first four days.

Given that it was the first day of the rest of my life I'd love to say I was up, dressed, and just preparing a fresh cup of coffee and arranging some flowers when she arrived. As it was, a friend rang me about ten minutes before she was due and woke me up. I found I'd passed out fully dressed and on top of a Cadbury's Creme egg which I'd bought along with my last bottle of wine. Yes, they really do start selling them before Christmas now.

The Nurse was very polite about my somewhat dishevelled and, erm, sticky appearance. I daresay she'd seen worse things. I was duly breathalysed (I was twice over the limit for driving, which luckily I can't do) and started on the tablets. These, combined with an absolute monster hangover, pretty much knocked me out for the day.

Tom from Moodswings and I were both agreed that I should be upfront with my kids (who are twelve) about what I was doing, so they knew why I was so ill and they looked after me that day. They went to Greenhalgh's and got us pasties for lunch and we had them as a picnic in my bedroom.

Given how very ill I felt, it was fairly easy not to drink that first evening. I just made sure I went to bed super early.

The best bit was the following morning when I set up a new savings account with the lovely First Direct, and transferred the £5 I'd saved by not drinking into it. I've done that every morning since. Tomorrow I'll have £500 in that account....


  1. Good work Kath

  2. Absolutely priceless! You write so well. Have you thought about collecting all of these blogs into a book. First year and all?
    Well done too, sounds really hard. But then anything that is worth doing isn't easy to do.
    Great respect for you :))))


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